video: real banana muffins

Nothing saddens me more than a fake banana muffin. Why must they insult these baked goods by injecting them with so much artificial flavoring, when the real fruit makes them so much better? Whatever “their” reasons, I stopped buying this breakfast treat long ago and decided to take matters into my own hands by learning how to make them myself. I began to save overripe bananas in our freezer in honor of this undertaking.

Here’s the thing. I got busy with other pursuits (both culinary and otherwise). As a result, we developed a Banana Situation in our freezer that could qualify me for that disturbing Hoarders show. In fact, some Hollywood producers caught wind of my dark and fruity secret and asked permission to feature Rob and I in a short film on the hard-hitting subject of Banana Muffins. Watch it here:

You’ll be happy to know that I did follow through on my promise to Rob. I found a straightforward recipe online (and added walnuts and vanilla to the list.) Then I gathered together my tools and ingredients, including: the great Williams Sonoma mixing bowls Rob’s parents kindly gave us for our engagement, the Pensey’s Vanilla my dad and step-mother gave us for our wedding (along with a whole basket of other Penzeys’ spices), the swirly baking cups my sister in law gave us for Christmas and the avocado measuring cups I grew up watching my mom use in our colorful kitchen in Wisconsin.

And…voila. They are gooey, fresh, and taste like the real deal. Here’s to hoping that they do in fact freeze well.

6 replies

  1. I can attest to the quality of the aforementioned muffins, although I believe I consumed ne’er frozen specimens. 329,999 batches to go. Please proceed.

  2. I too can attest to the quality of these muffins. They were savory and sweet, crunchy and soft in just the right places. Yummy!!!

    Love, love, love the video. 🙂

  3. Great cartoon/video – want to see more!! Can we buy these banana muffins in town? So true on the fake banana flavor in most other.

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