march of the worms

There was a crazy storm last night including, but not limited to: thunder, lightning, and boatloads of rain. Today, the driveway is covered with more worms than I’ve ever seen congregating in one place. I am wondering if this is a displacement situation and if so, should I escort them back to the grass? (And would that process involve me playing a flute or some other kind of wind instrument?) Or maybe they’re holding an academic conference on the state of our soil. Perhaps it’s just a party – and far be it from me to rain on their parade.

It does seem, from their hieroglyphic–like configurations, as if they are trying to send me a message. Too bad I don’t speak Wormlish (Wormese? Wormic? I’ll stop now.)

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  1. The blogs were so clever, the mushroom pointing out the specifics in your book nook, the urban couple experiencing the “Real Suburbs” as homeowners, and the Utube Real banana muffins all cracked me up! How did you do the banana muffins? It It was so Rob and Jocelyn. I must admit, it reminded me of Lucy and Ricky in the I Love Lucy shows, but updated and computerized! Keep them coming!

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