egg on yard

What should you do if you find a perfect little egg in your yard the day before Easter?

  • Marvel at the wonders of the natural world.
  • Decide it looks a little too perfect to be real and assume it had to have been manufactured in a factory. Perhaps it blew off an Easter decoration or fell out of the basket of a very busy bunny.
  • Eagerly pick it up to see if it has jellybeans inside, and discover in the process that it seems more real than synthetic.
  • Instantly regret contaminating it with your human hands and remember that this means the mother will mostly likely reject it (if she hasn’t done so already.)
  • Wonder how you can de-contaminate it (Anti-bacterial gel? Bleach? Soft Scrub works well on a lot of things.) Realize that turning back time would probably be more feasible.
  • Look around for the nest it may have originated from. If you can’t find it, gather together some sticks, yarn, and various yard bits in order to construct a stylish nest, or maybe a nifty crib that will eventually transition to a toddler bed.
  • Vow to raise this bird as if she’s your very own and give her the best opportunities life has to offer while of course teaching her where she came from.
  • Take a picture and file it in the “Things we never saw in the South Bronx” folder. Then worry all night if its okay out there (in the same way you used to worry about your car.)

Please advise?

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5 replies

  1. Interesting dilemma. Definitely keep an eye on it. If it is real it will probably get snatched up by some hungry critter through the night.

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