memo to the bunny in our front garden:

to: bunny
from: jocelyn and rob

We know that you have taken up residence in our front garden and we are thrilled that you are comfortable here. We have just a few questions:

When we are at home, can you please hang out in plain sight more often and not hop back into the bushes so quickly when we walk out the front door? This hurts our feelings: we would like to observe you/hang out with you/at least snap a picture of you. In other words, can you chillax? Let’s get to know each other!

When you are eating dinner, for example, speed-nibbling on grass — or like that time you consumed a whole dandelion, stem and all, at an impressive, rapid-fire pace — are you saying to yourself, “num-num-num-num-num-num”? This what we think you are saying but we don’t want to make any incorrect assumptions.

When we see you traveling from one bush to another, are you pretending that you live on a grand estate and that you are taking inventory of The Grounds? Because this is what we pretend when we hop around our property.

We’ve never seen you with anyone else and we were wondering if you are lonely? This past Easter, we adopted this little beauty – she’s very cool, albeit somewhat fragile. You could probably learn a lot from her calm energy and open, almost transparent, manner. Let us know if you if you’d like us to introduce you.

Finally, can you stay your exact same size? Not that we want you to be stunted or underdeveloped, or that we will love you any less as a full-grown rabbit, but you’re just so cute this small and this fluffy. And that fuzzy white tail of yours brings us more delight than we could possibly express in words.

Most importantly, please don’t ever leave? If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, just ask. You know where to find us.

(Thank you to Rob for the artistic rendering.)

(Thank you to Nyack News and Views for re-publishing the Nyack vs. NYC piece.)

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