found: little yellow table

We were recently on our way to Sunday brunch at The Castle. Yes, the Castle – how pretentious does that sound? I’m talking about Castle on the Hudson, a hotel and restaurant located in nearby Tarrytown. Its medieval-style tower can be seen up on the hill while crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge. My husband and I had been wanting to check this place out for a while – it was a splurge and it was well worth it. But this isn’t about dining decadence, it’s actually about garbage pickin’…

Anyway, it’s easy to get to The Castle from Nyack, but we missed the last turn and had to double-back in the parking lot of an apartment building. That’s when I spotted it: this little yellow table, posing daintily amid a sea of dumpsters.

“Stop!” I shrieked as loud as I would if we were about to run over a baby turtle. Rob slammed on the brakes and I bolted out of the car to examine it. End table? Night stand? Side table? Table-ette? Table-ini? Didn’t matter to me – it was in decent shape and was painted a nice buttercup hue.  Though it didn’t have the modern lines I am usually drawn to, it had a retro charm and a price tag I couldn’t resist.

Besides, I thought it might go well with my yellow polka dot bikini. Ok, truthfully, I loaned that to a friend whose legs are much skinnier than mine:

She and I met at a thrift store in Tuckahoe, NY, and for many years, she was kind enough to hold my necklaces. Now, she focuses her energy on posing pluckily next to the lavender bookshelves in my office.

So, of course, the table was soon in our backseat and we were on our way to our brunch reservation.

I am happy to say that it is now serving as a plant stand in my office, sitting between the bookshelves and an extra-long desk I picked off  75th Street on the Upper East Side. (That garbage pickin’ success story can be found here.)

The poor philodendron on top doesn’t have a proper pot yet and isn’t getting quite enough light (or nearly enough water, shame on me) but thanks to the table, it’s looking sunny nonetheless.

Stay tuned: If you are unsure about (or disgusted by) the practice of co-opting other people’s trash, I am working on an incisive Garbage Pickin’ Guide that could change your life.

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  1. i love trash-pickin’! literally, half of my apartment has come off the street. best find – two welded core-ten steel cube-frame table made from very slender steel bar. awesome end tables. well done!

    • yup, really is the way to go, if you have a keen eye! that sounds like a good score 🙂

    • I mean, if the item looked really good, and it was near the top, and not too nasty in there, and…well, yeah, probably best to draw the line outside the dumpster…

  2. That is the CUTEST table – I don’t understand why people would throw something like that away instead of at least donating it to a thrift shop…it seems so wasteful!

  3. “this isn’t about dining decadence, it’s actually about garbage pickin’…”
    Love it. This might just be an appropriate motto for my life 🙂

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