happy b-day America

Well, U S of A, we didn’t bake you a cake or sing you a song, but we engaged in many other activities in your honor this weekend.

First of all, we purchased round flags (actually, lanterns) at the local dollar store and hung them from our pergola.

Next, we invited some dear friends who live in Jackson Heights, Queens out for a suburban getaway. This included the marvelous Maribel (3.5 years).

FYI, Maribel makes a mean mint iced tea. She harvested the mint from our “garden” and agreed wholeheartedly that the ice cubes she added herself made it quite refreshing, indeed.

We pre-partied with a few simple treats.

We table-scaped with patriotic abandon.

We prepared far too much salad, but enjoyed the “synchronized serving” performance by the diving bather spoons (from Pylones) gifted to me by my friend Susan several summers ago.

One of our salads featured the unlikely yet tasty combo of watermelon, red onion, and mint.  Neil Armstrong would surely have approved of the garnish.

Then we moved onto the main event, which included burgers and veggies cooked to perfection by Rob on our brand new grill we ordered from Sears. (Thank you for the Thank You Points, Citicard. I’ll be even more appreciative if you lower that laughable APR.)

At dusk, we illuminated our round flags and listened to fireworks in the distance while watching the firefly show.

You may not be perfect, America, but who is? We went to bed glad to know such a cool country. Happy Birthday.

4 replies

  1. A delicious time indeed…thanks J and R for an enchanting celebration. Love, Rachelle and Byron, Maribel and Hendrix

  2. Yes, Jen, this is what we got – we are liking it so far, hope you are too! We are ODing on grilled vegetables (I guess there are worse things….)

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