Hopper House Jazz last Thursday

It was beautiful in Nyack last Thursday night: temperate and clear, perfect for listening to live music outside. Rob and I met up with our friends Sara and Kevin at one of the Hopper House Jazz concerts, held in the cozy backyard of the Hopper House museum. The group onstage was Don Falzone and the August Quartet, and it was exactly as fantastic as I expected.


  • Experiencing a pang of self-consciousness about the lawn chairs even though they are recommended on the website. They’re so clunky to carry and what if we were the only ones who had them? Jocelyn: “Let’s leave them in the trunk and come back if we want them.” Rob, quite sensibly: “Or, why don’t we take them and bring them back to the car if we don’t want them.” Result: we took the chairs and everyone else had them as well.
  • Running into friends Susan, Vincent, Dana, and Christian and finally meeting the handsome six-month old, Jackson.
  • Dining on dee-lish tomato and bread salad with basil and mozzarella, made from ingredients procured at Nyack Farmer’s Market earlier that day. (Thank you Chef Sara!)
  • Cicadas harmonizing along with the August Quartet’s version of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”
  • Watching the musicians’ facial expressions as they played: they gave the distinct impression that they enjoy what they do.
  • Awkward moment: construction in the yard next door increasing in volume as the quartet played a soft, original composition called, “Cocoon.” Hard to say whether or not the workers knew there was a concert on the other side of the fence, (and the way I look at it, this is the risk of an outdoor venue) but it was unfortunate that it was interrupting the musicians. As the sound of running motors and crashing equipment got louder, audience members looked around at each other like, “Really?”  It seemed as if maybe someone asked them to stop and they did, but they made sure to honk on their way out.
  • Dogs in the surrounding neighborhood adding their own two cents and lights in the surrounding houses beginning to twinkle as night fell.
  • Looking up at the stars through the trees, tapping my foot to the beat, and thanking my good fortune: you gotta love Summer in Nyack.

There are only two more concerts left this season: August 11 and August 18, 7:30 pm. I highly recommend.

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  1. The Hamptons had to cancel their summer music festival due to poor ticket sales. Yet another reason why Nyack is a better place to live.

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