waiting for the hurricane in nyack

sign on nyack home hurricane irene

We’re waiting here in Nyack for Hurricane Irene. Nothing has happened quite yet. There were a few pre-show rain drops earlier, then they stopped. It seems the stage is now being set for the main act.

Our friends Josie and Steve are up from Brooklyn with cats Maceo and Akasha. They live less than a block outside Zone A, so they evacuated voluntarily last night via Metro North to Tarrytown, before MTA shut down today. This has comforted us. There is power in numbers, we would like to think.

Anticipating cabin fever over the next two days (or more?), we went for a run this morning at Nyack Beach then spent the afternoon on our laptops at Runcible Spoon. Then we drove around town and spotted the extremely polite sign (above) that someone hung on their porch on North Midland. Lots of trees around town are secured with ropes. Sandbags are lined up by businesses, driveways and doors:

hudson house nyack sandbagsnyack residential sandbags
Here’s to hoping that these lawn refuse bags stay tethered to this pole:

preparing for hurricane in nyack

Rob and I have never been in a hurricane. We are doing as much as we can to be prepared…

Batteries and flashlights (and equally-important book lights): check.

Pulled the patio furniture, the mushroom, and the gnome, inside, all of which could apparently otherwise turn into projectiles in the next few hours: check.

Lifted everything up off the basement floor, including several spiders: check. (And you’re welcome for that, spidies, despite the fact that you are not “welcome.”)

Filled the gas tanks: check. (Less for escape than to charge cell phones and listen to the radio. But, you know, maybe also for escape.)

Lots of tall, elderly trees hovering over our house: check.

Intermittent panic attacks: check.

Hoping Irene won’t be as furious as predicted: check.

Purchased way way too much food, some of it non-perishable: check.

Mostly, we’re on the same page with a woman who was just interviewed on TV.

News reporter: “What are you going to do while riding out the storm?”

Woman: “Eat.”

We are also going to do shots (of red wine and rootbeer) every time they use the term “hunkering down” on the news, that is, as long as we have electricity…

Stay safe, everyone.

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  1. My mom’s name is Irene. She’s really nice. I think (hope) the storm will be, too. If/when the power goes out, be grateful that it’s not 95 degrees outside. Or is it? If I’m wrong, enjoy the cold showers.

  2. Hunker is a borough in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 329 at the 2000 census. The entire borough is (by definition) hunkered down and doing those same root beer shots as they watch the news.

  3. Irene was the best storm ever. Got everyone thinking about something else other than the icky economy for a change. Luckily no trees fell in our neighborhood(always the big worry)and power is on. I have noticed….trees fall and power goes out when you least expect it:-0

    Happy to know Nyack survived, and their residents:-))

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