happy national mushroom month!

Neighbor's mushroomsHappy National Mushroom Month! It is a special time, indeed, when we can all come together to reflect upon, reminisce about, and, most importantly, celebrate… Fungi. I trust that you have all been engaging in lots of your own mushroom-centric activities.

What I love about mushrooms is that, like the best ideas, they seem to appear when you least expect them. They are the quirkiest of surprises. They pop up, then disappear, and keep you wondering. Because I have spotted several different varieties of them on our property since we moved to the Nyack area (and added a few to the mix), they have become the mascot of the home tome.

Recently, mushrooms unexpectedly popped up in my path when Rob and I went daytripping to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its not far from Nyack by car and we like the galleries, shops and, mostly the people-watching in this area. We enjoy getting breakfast at a place called Egg. While there, I like to pretend that I am a hipster. (And I acknowledge that anyone who types that previous sentence actually proves how far from hip she is. Or is it all just artifice? Or is hipster just a state of mind?…)

Anyway, we discovered this time that there is a mall in Williamsburg. Yes, there is a mall right on Bedford Avenue in the middle of what could be considered one of the most un-mall-ish parts of this fine country. Of course, this isn’t your typical carpeted/department stored/elevator-music-ed/plastic planted American Mall. Most (or all?) of these stores are independently owned and operated. And the walls, well, they look like this:

williamsburg mall

After I posed for this photo like a tourist (hey, I may have lived in the South Bronx and West Philly, but this was a good collection of indoor graffiti and I had my good hat on) we wandered into Spoonbill and Sugartown Booksellers. My mushroom radar (mushdar?) lead me directly to this intriguing tome:

The Book of Funghi

It wasn’t long after this extremely heavy book was purchased and bagged that my mushdar led me into Digitalfix, a design and electronics store where you can buy XL headphones, sleek turntables and, randomly (but also, somehow, fittingly)…this:

champignons poster

I am happy to announce that this informative poster now hangs above our basement stairs. (We risked life and limb to place it there, but it was well worth it.)

Of course celebrating National Mushroom Month, for me, is not just about consumerism. Now that I have The Book of Fungi, I am officially a budding mushroom “expert” (connoisseur? enthusiast? freak?). I have recently found some very strange mushrooms growing in some very strange places, approached neighbors with unusual requests, and, okay, yes, I’ve been scoping out lots of other mushroom products I’d like to add to my collection. Stay tuned – the mushroom fun continues for the rest of the month.

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  1. So dude, sounds like your trip to Brooklyn was a good trip. Just be careful with the mixture so that you don’t have a bad trip to the Bronx.

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