mushrooms, mushrooms, everywhere: a photo essay

Once again, I hope you are having a great National Mushroom Month. As the last few posts may have hinted at (or yodeled from the mountain tops), we have certainly been busy with mushroom-centric festivities over here at the home tome. The preponderance of mushrooms outside our house has been nothing short of astonishing.

In fact, here is today’s crop (these are about 12 inches in diameter!):

stump mushrooms

But something bizarre has happened recently on the inside of our house, too. It is difficult to describe, so I will let the photos tell the story.

First, this popped up on our kitchen table:

mushroom on table


mushroom on floor


mushroom in hall

This was surprising:

mushroom on dryerAs was this:

mushroom on book
This took some nerve:

mushroom on chair

And I was just about to sit here:

mushroom on stool

This was a little distracting:

mushroom on TV

Of course I approved of this:

mushroom on computer

Finally, this was endearing. I guess mushrooms have some vanity, too.

mushroom in mirror

Where on earth are mushrooms going to pop up next?

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