sick computer

sick computer

I am sorry to report (from Rob’s laptop) that my computer is in the hospital. She began to behave strangely earlier this week. After she seized up a few times and experienced a frightening blackout, we rushed her into the ER.

Despite several surgeries, her condition has not yet improved. She is currently in full traction and awaiting an important transplant. Fortunately, her health insurance (warranty) has covered all costs thus far and we remain hopeful.  I know she was looking forward to helping me report from the front lines of National Mushroom Month. Alas, that will have to be postponed.

Please send all cards and well-wishes to the Apple store at the Palisades Mall. If you see a whimpering, sniveling mess wandering around over there, it is best to not approach: I might regale you with all the good times my computer and I have had together. This could involve way too much drama and take hours/days/months from your life.

My question is: have you hugged your computer today?

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