Forget SEO: how about CBO and RMO?

Nyack Community Boards

These days, here in the blogging world, you hear a lot about Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO, which is basically lots of ways of making your site more visible on Google and driving traffic (readers) your way. As far as I can tell, the goal is to “own” certain phrases and keywords so that when someone searches say, for example, “salt and pepper pigs,” your site comes up on the first page of search results. The more people who come to your site, the higher you climb in the search results, and in turn…the more people who come to your site. So it builds and builds in a cyclical fashion until you take over the internet (and eventually the world) with your clever ideas and silly photographs. Or, alternatively: you don’t.

Things are obviously going very well over here at The Home Tome. The most salient proof is the piece I wrote called, How to Decorate a White Couch. It got “freshly pressed” i.e. featured at WordPress, and traffic has been making a bee-line for the site ever since.  Go ahead, type the words “white couch” into Google and prepare yourself to be very impressed. (I do this every four minutes.) But what about all those other groundbreaking missives? 52 of them to be exact. It would be nice if those got bottle-necked with traffic, too.

Last weekend, I decided to eschew all that boring, trendy, sensible SEO stuff and replace it with a little CBO: Community Board Optimization.

Nyack Community Boards 2
The entire staff of the Home Tome gathered for breakfast and coffee at the uber-cute Lulu’s in West Nyack. Then we rolled up our sleeves, laced up our most comfortable kicks, and pounded the pavement, all in the name of blogging greatness. It only took us four hours, a detour over to Palisades Market for a sticky bun, a busted alternator belt as obvious punishment for said sticky bun, a taxi ride home, and voila, we had hung up six posters. It was a marketing blitz, I tell you.

Surely you are reading this because you saw one of them? Undoubtedly, you decided to tear off one of the helpful information tabs because one was already (um…) taken? (Of course it was me – somebody had to get that party started.) Surely these stylish posters (designed by none other than talented Home Tome Art Director Rob Strati) are not already eclipsed by the posters of other hopeful grassroots marketers? Surely people do stop and actually read these things?

Jocelyn Jane Cox tote and poster
(Check out that tote bag. Please don’t be jealous, but I will accept your sympathy – it’s not easy to be this dorky.)

Just in case these signs don’t get the word out, we have also invested part of our advertising budget in RMO: Refrigerator Magnet Optimization.

Home Tome Refrigerator Magnet 2

Surely it’s possible to take over the internet one magnet at a time? As a matter of fact, I am about to announce something really big…Here it is:

FREE Home Tome magnets to the next three subscribers!*

Subscribing is easy, free, and boatloads of fun. Guaranteed! Click over there, in the column to the right and you will receive an e-mail every time a new Home Tome post goes up. And if you act fast, we’ll send you this magnet via snail mail as a thank you. Your refrigerator will never be the same. (*Fine print: and for those new subscribers who aren’t as quick to the draw, you will receive our undying appreciation or a virtual high five, your preference.)

This magnet is large and chock full of brawn: it will hold up lots of photos, hundreds of losing lottery tickets and even your bulk trash pick-up schedule. At the very least, it will bring a little bit of “whimsy” (my mother’s favorite word) to everyone who has the good fortune of seeing it.

Home Tome Refrigerator Magnet

Thank you for reading this post (and other posts) (and that poster around town) (and of course that magnet which could be YOURS, it’s just a click away)

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