how to treat your gnome right

As you may have read previously,  we are happy to have a gnome residing on our property. We adopted him in the Nyack area earlier this year. He perches on some red mushrooms at the corner of our house, tucked into a wooded area. Until recently, he did not have a proper home to call his own. But thankfully, my mother in law Sandy put an end to that. She gave us him this handsome gnome door:

gnome door at base of tree
Does that have curb appeal or what?  Now he can do his mushroom farming and then escape to the privacy of his own…tree whenever he wants.

Rob, who has become an expert at building rock patios and pathways, decided that he needed his own walkway. So, voila:

gnome with path to door

There is obviously still much landscaping to be done but, we noticed that the gnome has already planted at least one mushroom in his front yard.

mushroom near gnome

And a whole field of what appears to be lichen (?):

lichen by gnome house

Just look at how happy all of this has made him!

happy gnome portrait

Needless to say, there are more big plans in the works… Hammock? Water feature? Or, what the heck, this gnome is a hard worker and he deserves only the best – if he sends out an evite to a hot tub party, we’d all be well advised to accept.

6 replies

    • Yes, that path is something special and so is the whole set up. Coming soon: a tiny jack-o-lantern. You think I’m kidding?

  1. My only concern about the hot tub thing is my fear that it might turn into a mushroom soup kinda thing, and I’m not really into that….

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