thrift store score: nice jug

jug with chinese lanterns
I recently promised myself that every time I passed by a thrift store I would go inside and quickly scan for treasures. (After all, how else am I going to get my 15 minutes of fame on Antiques Road Show?)

I also recently promised myself that I would not become a hoarder. These two promises are in a vicious game of tug-of-war and I think we all know which one is winning. (Similar tug-of-war tournaments now being contested: Frugality vs. Consumerism and Minimalism vs. Clutter.)

But, I mean, just look at that jug/vase/perfect piece of narrow-necked pottery above: score! I found it at The New to You Thrift Shop on Main Street in Nyack. It is run by the Nyack Hospital Auxilary and all proceeds go to the hospital. This place has several rooms chock full of other people’s castoffs. I noticed that it was also chock full of other people, most of whom seem to be regulars and are on a first name basis with the person behind the cash register: Phyllis Darrin. She has been at New to You since 1996.

The jug/vase was $10. It’s a tad chipped but I’m unfazed. My observation is that you can get Phyllis down on price, but not without a little friendly tug-of-war and, as I might of mentioned, I was already engaged in enough of that activity. Besides, I couldn’t skip out of there fast enough: I was anxious to take this new jug/vase for a spin on my dining room table.

I picked up the dried Chinese Lanterns and the dried Lotus Pods at my favorite flower store in Manhattan: Posies on Amsterdam on the Upper West Side.

Do I feel a tad guilty about this purchase? Of course! But does this new/old jug/vase also bring me an inordinate amount of joy? Yes!

Just look how nicely it holds a single stalk of Irish Bells:

vase jug irish bells

Perhaps this purchase has brought me one step closer to becoming a hoarder. But maybe everything happens for a reason. If I never make it onto Antiques Roadshow (after all, there are no distinctive markings on the bottom of this – alas it is not made by Tiffany – and I don’t seem to own anything else of historic value), then maybe I can eventually make it onto one of those revolting Hoarders shows. And… if I can become enough of a celebrity through that, then maybe I’ll be tapped to do a season of Dancing with the Stars…and really, that is my ultimate goal.

Well, that, and to occasionally find some cool stuff at thrift stores. And not be a hoarder. Pass me that tug-of-war rope.

Found anything good at a thrift store lately? Hoard much? Please share your darkest secrets below.

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  1. Hold on! I think that was a wedding gift from my sister in law that i donated. Hope she doesnt read the home tome. Just kidding.

  2. play the one in one out game…find something you can’t pass up?
    bring it home but gift/donate/sell something you’ve outgrown…

    (OR at the very least you can tell people you do that)

    sorry i keep missing you at the shop…stephanie @ pretty funny vintage

  3. I am not a hoarder. However, there is an issue at my abode wherein items of what I consider to be perfectly good clothing keep disappearing from my closet and bureau. Perhaps they are being purloined and offered for sale somewhere. Should you see such an article, please inform me.

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