how to up-cycle your Nyack parking tickets

nyack parking tickets

What’s black and white and red all over? Well, an injured skunk, obviously, but also Nyack parking tickets. If you’re like me, more than a few of these have appeared under your windshield wiper. But don’t let them get you down – here’s how you can make the best of the situation:

  • Folded over and over onto themselves, parking tickets make excellent shims for wobbly bureaus, tables, and dining room hutches.
  • A pair of them rolled into cylinders then taped together makes a great set of pretend binoculars through which you can see Parking Authority officers coming.
  • Wallpaper
  • Confetti! With the help of a shredder, this will make even the lamest parties far more festive.
  • Put them in a scrap book as a way of remembering all the times you parked in town and forgot to pay the meter/paid too little/thought you’d get away with a quick stop into a store without getting caught. Good times.
  • Soaked with water and crushed into a paste, your tickets can make a nice paper mache piñata in the shape of a muni-meter (filled of course with all the quarters you saved by not putting them in a real meter in the first place).
  • Pay them? After all, this will give the Village of Nyack money to install more…parking meters.

(Disclaimer: I really am going to pay that latest slew of parking tickets, I swear. I am just waiting for some funds to arrive from oversees. In the mean time, please don’t tow my bicycle, scooter, jitney, Segway, or rollerblades that I have been parking around town.)

(Note: These techniques can be conveniently applied to parking tickets from almost any municipality.)

10 replies

  1. Meter maids definitely are getting more aggressive. Now they seem to be waiting to nab you the minute your meter runs out. I have always wished I could find their car at an expired meter and get them a ticket.

    • I know, and I must admit that I am just not specific enough with my timing – I say to myself: okay, my meter will run out at 3:20 ish, but what I really meant was 3:18. 😦 But when I used to use the Metro North train a lot, I unfortunately did the same thing – alas, there is no “ish” when it comes to meters and trains…

  2. If you think about it….it’s ridiculous to have to PAY to park your car, anywhere(except maybe NYC). Is real estate at such a high premium these days?? Are our municipalities in THAT much trouble that they have to nickle and dime the working man/women. As it is we have to pay for lic, reg, insurance, oil, gas maintenance on the car and so on(and so on…)why can’t the little auto owners just park for free sometime:-( Pretty please. They park for free in rest of the world(just think about it). ooooooo, I have ticket issues!!!!

    • ha! next we’ll be paying for water (oh wait, we already are) or to drive on the roads (oh wait, tolls). Oh well – I guess everything costs money. The good thing about Nyack is that if you are willing to walk a just a bit, you can get free spaces fairly close to businesses on Main and Broadway, so I guess it’s not all that bad. (And don’t even get me started on the number of NYC tickets I have gotten, ugh.)

  3. Don’t do what I’ve done twice now– pay the muni meter only to put the receipt on the dashboard upside down so the meter maid can’t see it. Dumb. and expensive. When will I learn?

  4. Excellent advice. I have also noted, on windy days, that it can blow off the dashboard before or while you are closing the door, ugh.

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