holiday chandelier

Holiday Chandelier

I hate to brag, but I think we have the coolest outdoor holiday chandelier on our block. (Note: there are no other outdoor holiday chandeliers on our block.)

It is an Original Piece of Abstract Outdoor Holiday Ornamentation created by Elf Rob from wire, LED lights, and Christmas ornaments.

Holiday Chandelier Wire

It hangs in the middle of our infamous pergola. It spruces up the place nicely now that all the leaves are gone. Scratch that previous statement, as it doesn’t even begin to do it justice – it is a Winter Wonderland!

Holiday Chandelier 2

The LED lights create an icy blue glow. If Frosty the Snowman were to hold an elegant, black-tie ball, I know he’d choose this venue. If Rudolph saw this, his nose would surely start to glow blue. All we need is the some percussion from the Little Drummer Boy and we are good to go.

holiday chandelier from afar

Imagine this: I’m wearing a long woolen coat with a furry collar circa 1904. I have a muff. I am strolling in slow circles under this icy blue pergola humming Walking in a Winter Wonderland. I am drinking hot cocoa (intravenously, since you can’t hold a mug whilst wearing a muff.) Incandescent blue snowbirds accompany my tune from nearby trees. Rob, who is stretched out in the chair in front of the fireplace, thinks I should probably come inside. I am freezing. Just as the neighbors have suspected all along, I am crazy. But I am also happy. And I want to look at the holiday thing Rob made as much as I can. He insists it’s not a work of art and I, respectfully, disagree.

holiday chandelier afar 2

Hope your holidays, so far, have been both merry and bright.


Thanks for reading – do you decorate outside?

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  1. Kudos to Elf Rob – nice job! We do a little outdoor decorating – this is our first year in our renovation house, so it consists of a few strands of icicle lights hanging from the eaves.

  2. Art is in the eye of the observer, so if you say it’s art, and I say it’s art, it doesn’t matter what the artist says, gosh darn it – it’s art!

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