ready for christmas

personalized angel

Of course Christmas is an excellent time to celebrate the bigger aspects of life: family, friends, and everyone’s safety and good health. But there’s something to be said for all the details, too.

We actually got ahead of the curve this year by decorating our house and trimming our tree the day after Thanksgiving. It has been nice to live with these holiday mementos all month – most of which have a story, a history and, for me, whole sleigh-fulls of sentimental value.

white Christmas tree

Of course, being a professional skating coach and life-long skater means that I have plethora of skating ornaments and decorations, most of them gifts from my students, friends, and family:

skating ornament 1skating ornament 2skating ornament 4
For a while there (until these plain frosted balls were discontinued), I painted and gifted a series of punctuation ornaments:

punctuation ornament 1punctuation ornament 2

This disco tree holds a special place in my heart. After Rob proposed at the Rockefeller Center rink on December 22, 2008, we came back to his apartment, which he had decorated with all kinds of sparkly things, in honor of the new diamonds on my finger:

disco tree

This is one of the ornaments he gave me that year, from the Clay Pot in Brooklyn where he also purchased my ring:

sock monkey ornament

Just because this angel doesn’t have much of a story (I nabbed her on sale at Marshalls last year) doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a shout out:

silver angel decoration

She goes nicely with the angel ornaments my mother has been giving me every Christmas since I was a child. This is one of my favorites. She plays the violin very quietly:

angel ornament 1

Seems like this beauty has gained a bit of weight – she looks about as wide as I feel after a month of chocolate and cookie binging:

angel ornament 2

But this year, there are some new baubles in the mix, like that little “Jocelyn” angel at the beginning of this post, which is presiding over Rob’s studio. She was procured at the roadside phenomenon called, Stuckey’s, on our trip from New York to Cape Cod this summer. When I was a kid, we used to stop at Stuckey’s on our road trips from Wisconsin to New Mexico. I loved stopping there, but also experienced extreme disappointment when they didn’t have any personalized trinkets like, belts, combs, and mini license plates with my name on them. I was just telling Rob about this childhood trauma when I looked to my right and saw her! Talk about divine intervention.

Unsurprisingly, some mushrooms have sprouted on our tree this year. Thank you to Ann-Marie in Florida for this one:

mushroom ornament 1

And thanks to Buttercup and Friends, an adorable toy store in Piermont, New York, for these (how could I resist?):

Buttercup and Friends Mushroom OrnamentButtercup and Friends Mushroom Ornament 2

These elegant cardinals swooped in thanks to Susan from Scarsdale:

Cardinal Ornament

They seem to be playing nicely with the one from Martina in Montrose:

Cardinal Ornament 2

I take a great amount of joy in all these holiday baubles, trinkets, and decorations, and I could probably share about 55 more photos, like this:

New Yorker Santa CoverAnd this:

Christmas CenterpieceBut I will try to cut myself off and leave you with the smallest, teeniest, most miniature items that came into our house this year – I adopted these deer from my mother’s collection a few weeks ago. They are about the size of a fingernail and I think they are really funny, sitting on the shelf in our front entrance:

tiny deer

May all the joys of the season – both big and small – be yours…Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkuh, and Happy New Year!

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  1. Fun! I love your skating ornaments – you should have a whole tree dedicated to skating, it would be so pretty! πŸ™‚

    And those deer are adorable.

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