the problem with relaxation

tired mushroomWow, I have just come off some serious R&R&R&R. (Rest, Relaxation, Recuperation, and Ridiculous amounts of food.) And while it has been one of the more wonderful experiences of my life, and I highly recommend it, taking a break from your usually-busy life does come at a price. For example:

  • Bedsores. (Or perhaps that is just dry skin? During these times, even applying lotion is too ambitious of an undertaking.)
  • Rigor mortis. Key muscle groups such as your lower back and your ankles will become stiff from under-use. When you do walk (i.e. across the room for more chocolates) you will do so with the gait of a person 50 years older.
  • Pillow snobbery. Say, for example you go out of town to a nearby Inn (Minnewaska Lodge in New Paltz) in order to get away from it all and ring in the new year in a quiet and cozy manner. The setting is perfectly woodsy, the accommodations are rustic yet elegant, and the breakfast is excellent (the high coconut and apricot content of this granola is to be commended). But if the pillows don’t meet your particular standards (“too big, too soft, too puffy…etc”), you will still find reason to complain. Of course, this is mostly because you have absolutely nothing else to complain about. And the fact that your neck is so stiff has nothing to do with these pillows – most normal humans would no doubt love them – but has everything to do with the extreme lassitude referenced above.
  • An overwhelming desire to cut corners, namely in the area of Christmas decorations. They were so fun to put up – the carols were pumpin’, the cookies were baking, and you were proudly prancing around in your reindeer socks with a sense of anticipation – but who wants to take them down now? Could there be another solution? If we left the tree intact, could we somehow get it back into the basement without breaking too many ornaments? Could we glue them to their current branches?  (Oh, wait, that would take some work.)
  • Greed. Once you get an inch of free time, you inevitably yearn for a mile.
  • Disruption of blogging regimen. Mind you, there will be no disruption in the production of ideas – its the implementation that will suffer. The only thing that will pull you out of your stupor is the following question: how many calories does typing burn?

Hope you had a great one and that 2012 exceeds even the your most outlandish expectations.

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  1. I find it perfectly natural to put on a layer of fat at the holidays. If there is a snowstorm and we can’t get out for a couple of days, I want to be able to go immediately to hibernation mode.

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