icing on the earthcake

firepit covered in snow

Icing on the earthcake! Icing on the earthcake! Finally, there is icing on the earthcake! Translation: it snowed here in Nyack this weekend. My husband Rob coined this term last winter. After all, doesn’t snow look a lot like icing? (That donut above used to be our fire pit.) This layer of snow looks even more like icing now that we’re both trying to watch what we eat i.e. trying to eat less cake, less icing, and fewer portions the size of the earth.

It’s kind of like Homer Simpson’s Land of Chocolate fantasy. If you’ve never seen it, Homer skips momentarily through a world made entirely of delicious chocolate. Here it is:

Sure, chocolate’s divine, but so is vanilla icing. Like on these cupcakes, formerly known as our herb garden:

snow cupcakes herb garden

Look at how the icing is oozing off the side of this sheet cake:

icicles off roof

Here’s a nice dusting of confectioner’s sugar:

snow on evergreen

This tall planter has suddenly become a tempting rootbeer float:

snow in planter

And this little bush resembles a bonbon:

bush covered in snow

This mystery dessert (a ramekin of white chocolate mousse, perhaps?) would surely make a nice presentation in any high end restaurant:

decorative grass snow

The only thing that has saddened me in this Land of Icing is how The Mushroom got covered up:

mushroom in snow

It usually looks like this. (And, yes, I probably should have brought it inside):

mushroom statue

Since you can’t see the mushroom anymore, I decided to make this:

snow mushroom

(Hey, some people make snow angels and others make snow mushrooms). The whole point here is that snow is beautiful. And so is icing. So is the earth. And so is cake. But, of course, everything is best enjoyed in moderation.

Did you get any icing yet, in your area? How is your New Year’s resolution going?

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