9W Market in Palisades

9W Market sign

I recently wrote about one of my favorite roads in this area, the Palisades Parkway, and did not mention one of my favorite parts of it: the 9W Market, right off exit 4, in Palisades, NY. This was on purpose because I knew I wanted to do a whole post on this eatery. I also meant to write this post a long time ago, but first I wanted to do a little more…research. I feel that I have now sampled enough of their offerings to do a fair analysis. The results are now in, and my in-depth assessment follows:

In a word, WOW.

This is a former gas station-gone-gourmet. A large mural on one wall makes a vibrant nod to its history:

9W Mural

It’s actually two little places next to one another. The Market is more coffee-shop/cafe/high-end deli/catering and The Filling Station, a few feet away, serves burgers, hotdogs and fries to order.

Filling Station

I don’t eat much red meat, but Rob confirms that The Filling Station burgers are excellent. They are all natural with no hormones or antibiotics. I can speak to the fries with truffle mayo – WOW – and the Portabello sandwich served with blue cheese and carmelized onions – WOW, again. You can sit outside on picnic tables or sidle up to the counter for most of the year, but they have also enclosed some tables for the winter. Coke in glass bottles contributes to an old-school vibe.

I have focused most of my efforts on The Market, next door, which features all kinds of treats:

9W Treats

Especially delicious: Coconut Pound Cake, Chocolate Pecan Tart, Carrot Muffins, WOW. The Omelets are excellent (we get bacon with swiss) and the Granola is pleasingly packed with pecans and cranberries.

This has also provided us with some nice dinner options, when we haven’t felt like cooking. On his way home from the city, Rob has stopped in to pick up Grilled Salmon, or Chicken Teriyaki, and some side dishes like sauteed spinach or beet salad. When my in-laws were in town, they treated us to these insane Chicken Pot Pies:

9W Chicken Pot Pies


One night, when we felt like going out but in a very casual way, Rob and I went in for dinner: he got a burger and a milkshake at The Filling Station and I tried their home made Spinach Pie with filo and feta with a glass of wine:

9W Spinach Pie

Divine! We have enjoyed literally everything we have gotten at both the 9W Market and the Filling Station. It’s just fun to go there – it reminds Rob of the kinds of places he used to go when he lived in California. I am glad to report that there are still a lot of items on the menu that we haven’t tried. Yet.

9W Chalkboard

Despite all the decadent offerings, there is also a nice healthy vibe – fresh salads in the case and sandwiches on multigrain bread.  In fact, during warmer months, it’s a cyclist hotspot, teeming with weekend warriors from the city, clothed in their colorful gear. Motorcyclists and local families are obviously enjoying the place as well.

And the service? Very friendly. WOW, I can’t recommend the place highly enough.

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  1. Me and my wife stopped by the day after Sandy and we were offered hot coffee and warm danishes for free. A few people were sitting around thankful for the hospitality while sharing their stories of how they survived the night. We’ll be back once things clear up on 9W (we used to fill our car up at the gas station there back in the 60’s-70’s on our way to Lake Welch and Bear Mountain.

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