salt and pepper party

Please join me in celebrating salt, pepper, and the shakers that contain them.

Who is invited: Six lucky guests who also appreciate these tasty condiments and sprinkle them excessively onto foods that probably don’t need them (of course, you’ll never know whether these foods need more flavoring or not, since you refuse to taste them first.)

Where: The Home Tome’s comfortable and ultra-chic headquarters, a.k.a., my house, a.k.a. Salt and Pepper Central.

Why: Because I suddenly have more shakers than I can…shake a stick at. All of them are cute and all of them deserve to do what they do best. Some are getting more table-time than others.  Hence, all attendees will get to use their own set for the night.

Will you choose:

The Pigs, in honor of your great grandfather on your father’s side, who was a farmer? Or because you love pork? Or because you can’t look at these without chuckling? (Thank you, Susan.)

salt and pepper pigs

Or will you choose these little peas, to create an aura of healthiness, despite the amount of sodium you are about to ingest? These are from my mother, who gave them to us this Christmas. They are a common and adorable favor at wedding showers (i.e. peas in a pod.)

peas in a pod salt and pepper

Maybe you will enjoy these little stainless steel ones, shaped like pills? If you choose these, you will be  entertained all night by the fact that they wobble. In the past, some of our guests have become positively transfixed. We had these on our ad-hoc wedding registry – they are from MOMA (thank you again, Susan.)

Wobble Salt and Pepper Shakers MOMA

Maybe you will opt for these pleasingly plump Fiesta pieces, even though I can’t remember where I got them and if they are vintage or not. (Alert: vintage Fiesta ceramics have been found to be radioactive and also contain lead! I repeat: Fiesta dinnerware could kill you! But let’s not allow these kinds of details to put a damper on our festivities…)

Fiesta salt and pepper

How about these abstract little creatures Rob and I picked up at a shop in Beacon, NY, one day when we were visiting the DIA: Beacon art center? They are made by a PMO Design out of Montreal:

Creamy Oga PMO Design Salt and Pepper

Finally, maybe you will fall in love with these sweet mushrooms that are kept cozy/adjoining by a magnet? These are the newest members of our growing collection, and were recently “spotted” (hee hee) by our friend Sylvie at the gift shop at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Thank you Sylvie!

mushroom salt and pepper

The table is all set!

salt and pepper party

Edibles of an extremely bland nature will be served and will await flavoring, so bring your sprinkling savvy.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.


Great news just came in from Florida! My friend Ann-Marie is also poised to host her own fabulous salt and pepper party:

AM's salt and pepper

I would like to reserve this set:

bunny with carrots salt and pepper

15 replies

  1. I can’t wait for the dinner party….I think I’ll claim the little white ones with the corks from Beacon. Maybe popcorn for dessert and hot chocolate…salt can complement both….pepper too for the popcorn.

  2. I want to go to Ann-Marie’s party too because I have never seen dolphins hugging before and that’s the set I want.

  3. Well, all of my salt and pepper shakers are empty, to my husbands dismay. Ironically, he can never find any salt or pepper! But then again, all of my cooking is perfectly seasoned so he never “needs” it anyway!

  4. aaaawwwwwwww!! Too cute…I pick two peas in a pod, mainly becasue I am a wanna be podster:-) More pepper than salt, thank you very much.

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