questions asked this weekend

first crocus

To the lone crocus that just poked up through the rock path by the side of our house: Are you a bit early for the party? Will your friends be meeting you here?

Regarding The Hunger Games, which I discovered to be an addictive page-turner: Is the fact that so many adolescents and adults are reading this encouraging or terrifying? (Hey, it’s good that people are reading, but it is SO violent.)

Rob's popcorn

To Rob’s famous popcorn, which I gobbled in bed while reading the aforementioned book from under the covers on a beautiful Saturday afternoon: Will I ever tire of you?

(And on a related note…) To my new Nook: Will all that melted butter from my fingers permanently damage your screen?

Independent Art Exhibition

After The Independent art fair: Which was more compelling — the art or the people-watching?


To Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto bistro in the West Village: Do you realize that yours is the restaurant the keeps us coming back after moving away from the city almost two years ago? And how are we supposed to be motivated to try new restaurants when yours is so consistently delicious?

And, to the Food Network, who aired a segment on Sunday about the Pollo Al Forno (roasted chicken) at Barbuto on a show called The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Do you realize that we just ate that chicken the night before? What are the chances?

Finally, to the muscles of my legs and gluteus maximus which are shamefully sore after some light exercising on the three mile loop at Rockland Lake State Park: Really?

What questions were you compelled to ask this weekend? Hope you had a good one.

4 replies

  1. Am I this, so out of shape??? Home today after walking miles all over the NY city for three and a half days straight pushing a wagon, I mean pushcart, I mean stroller that felt more like a caravan, I have never felt better (despite popping all the Advil). :-0

    • Ha! Yup, despite any exercise we force on ourselves, our car-centric lives just aren’t as active on a daily basis, are they? No wonder everyone is so skinny in the city (and everyone’s feet hurt). šŸ™‚

  2. I have a few crocuses. Not quite the bounty I envisioned when I planted those bulbs just a few months ago. My mom taught me this little spring poem (that is very grammatically incorrect) when I was a kid: “Spring has sprung/The grass has ris/I wonder where/The flowers is.”

    • I must say, that is my FAVORITE poem. I learned it in college (from a friend, not in class!) Now I will share one of my mom’s favorites, that she’ll surely be busting out in a matter of weeks: “Tulips in the Garden/Tulips in the Park/But the Tulips I like best are/The two lips in the dark.” Ha!!

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