what do your pinterest boards say about you?

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Rejoice! There’s a new way to waste time on the internet! Pinterest. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you have obviously been sleeping under a rock. (And I mean no disrespect by this – a rock can be a perfectly cozy and peaceful shelter.)

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board on which you can post or “pin” photos you admire from around the internet, featuring products, interior design concepts, crafts, and recipes, etc. It’s addictive and catching on like wild fire, especially with women. I think of it as a form of window shopping – even though I have everything I could possibly want, does that mean I have to stop looking? Besides, I don’t have much time to window shop anymore, so this fulfills that urge. And I don’t even have to put on my shoes to do so.

You can create any boards you want and name them whatever you choose. It’s fun to snoop around the boards of other people and see if you are…pinterested (sorry) in the same things, or see if you have the similar styles.

But what do your boards say about you? Or what do you think your boards say about you? This is obviously the next frontier in the field of Psychology. Are you planning a BBQ Wedding? Looking to decorate your house with woodland creatures made of wool? Addicted to inspirational quotes? And if any of these are true…WHY are they true?

One of reasons Pinterest is successful is that it relies on quick, visual content, rather than text and this appeals to gals on the go. But of course, I can’t resist the urge to analyze this further with the help of my old friends, words. I am sure you’ll be utterly fascinated to know what my Pinterest boards say about me…for example:

Art (photography, paintings, illustrations, sculptures): “I would like to think of myself as A Collector. So here is the art I would purchase if we were not attempting to be minimalists, and if we didn’t enjoy clear space and clear walls so much. Oh, and, also: if money grew on trees.”

Holiday (decorations, crafts and treats): “Life is a celebration. Here are some crafty ideas I’ll probably never get around to.”

Ear Candy (a panoply of cute silver earrings): “I only have one hole in each ear, 24 hours in one day, and seven days in one week, but if I had any more of any of these, and if I didn’t already have so many nice pairs, I’d purchase some of these earrings. (And, incidentally, if a certain someone by the name of Rob is looking for ways to show his undying affection, here are some ideas, with links.)

Laundry Quandary (laundry rooms far nicer than ours): “Even though this room is never seen by visitors, and its function is far more important than its style, I fantasize about a room with green walls and a floor of black and white checkers. Of course, I have very little energy left to tackle this DIY project after doing all those mountains of laundry.”

Mushrooms (photos of both real and decorative mushrooms): “I have strange fixation with fungi. Only by admitting this problem to the general public can I begin to heal.”

Bookish (books and bookshelves): “Even though I just started using an e-reader (gasp! I’m as surprised as you are), I still revere books as objects and consider them to be a wonderful decorative element.”

De-sigh-n (attractive rooms and stylish pieces of furniture, mostly with a mid-century flair): “I lament the fact that our house is fully furnished and decorated exactly the way we want. I will file these photos for the future when we will surely have a second home in Aspen, a pied-Γ -terre in NYC, and a villa in the south of France. Surely this will happen any day now. ”


What do your boards say about you? Have you succumbed to this phenomenon or are you still trying to resist?

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  1. I’m making Pinterest boards for work, and I have to say I had to tear myself away last night. I’m glad I can refer to this for guidance!

  2. I hadn’t used Pinterest much. I signed up months ago and wasn’t sure why. Friends started following me and I figured I out to put something up. Today I wasted an hour at least doing just that.

  3. I have recently joined the Pinterest bandwagon as well. Don’t forget about those of us who have “Animal Love” boards. It’s a virtual zoo of the cute baby animals we would own if we had a Michael Jackson estate. And if said cute baby animals didn’t grow up to be man eaters!
    Loved your post!

  4. I took the Pinterest plunge a few weeks ago and found it surprisingly addictive, as well as useful. When Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie died, I put together a Board celebrating what I considered to be some of his best work.

    As for the rest of my boards, there is a strong relfection of my personal interests, as well as one for my own photographic work.

    • I think its cool that you can make it what you want. It’s weird to do so, but I like to look at the page with all my pins occasionally and just scroll down for a quick visual of things I like…I suppose there are worse addictions…Thanks for reading

  5. I do not have a pinterest account, yet… but I don’t think I’ll join in on this one. I do like snooping around pinterest for visionboard pictures, however, I just don’t get it. I mean, I guess it can be cool in the area of manifestation. If you really want a pair of earings, maybe if enough people see your desire, the power of manifestation will increase….

  6. Yes! I do believe in the power of manifestation! You may not get the exact earrings or you may not get them when you expect but if you put something cool out into the universe….maybe you will get something cool back…I also think it’s useful for people working on a project – I have a friend who was decorating her new baby’s nursery – and this was a good way for her to catalogue her inspirations…

  7. I’ve heard of Pinterest, and “applied,” and was accepted to join! Woo-hoo! Oh, the middle-schoolness of it all. So compelling. But I am in, so what can I say? Seriously, though, I did make some boards one day, and it was lots of fun, but just didn’t hold up. I very much appreciated this line in your post, “But of course, I can’t resist the urge to analyze this further with the help of my old friends, words.” πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I know, it is interesting how some go bonkers with it and some bail out after just a few pins. I think I’m somewhere in the middle. Just goes to show that we are all unique animals…Thanks HKHM for taking a break from your gaming schedge to stop by! Did you read/see Hunger Games? – now that’s a game…(yikes! the tender age of the some of the kids in that movie theater made me shudder!)

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