crocus down, I repeat: crocus down

Things around here were looking so hopeful last week. Spring was beginning to do its thing and with impeccable style. This was epitomized by the lone crocus that popped up in the rock path that we put down at the side of our house last summer:

first crocus

I was impressed by both her beauty and her strength. After all, I’m not sure how I’d fare underground all winter. Or if I’d have the where-with-all to defy gravity by poking through a layer of rocks, especially after all that dormancy. And she did so with such panache: love that lavender and tangerine color combo.

I checked in on her periodically every day, filled with admiration and gleeful anticipation for all the flowers yet to come this season. I smiled at her and she smiled back. But then, just a few short days later…(cue the sound of brakes screeching)…this:

fainted crocus

Was it something I said?!

Did you trip and fall? We have been worried that those rocks are a bit unsteady and dangerous.

Too much to drink?

Despondent that none of your friends showed up to the party? I hate it when that happens.

Or maybe you got trampled by a squirrel? Those guys have no control!

Perhaps you fainted from happiness? I myself got a little dizzy when I found out I got freshly pressed by WordPress this past weekend. Wow.

I wonder if it was just “your time.” I’m learning that some of the most wonderful things in life are fleeting…glad to have met you when you were at your best. (And hope to see you next time around…)


Readers, do you have any other theories about what might have happened here? Have your crocuses croaked? Please share.

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  1. Crocus bulbs produce the first flowers of spring and open fully only on sunny days; I plant onions next to vegetables and flowers to keep the critters away; works in my California garden.

  2. I dunno about you, but I got 8 million little weeds with tiny white flowers in my lawn. Haven’t seen ’em in nearly these numbers in years past. Must be a sign of the global warming winter we had, or of the apocalypse,

    • Yes, it is crazy how early things, including weeds, are out this year – we have all kinds of chives everywhere. This would be great if I had a baked potato and some sour cream…As it is, the place looks disheveled.

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