i planted something…

…and it grew.

I present minnow daffodils:

minnow daffodils

This is nothing short of miraculous. My friend Josie gave me these tiny little bulbs last fall – they were surplus that she didn’t have room for in her Brooklyn community garden. I put them in the ground and then, voila! They poked through the ground, they bloomed, they brought immeasurable joy. I don’t know if the soil is especially fertile around here this year, or if I have my 3G gardening gloves to thank (though I only got those recently…) BUT what a satisfying feeling.

Truthfully, these aren’t the only beauties I can take credit for this year. I’d also like to present this handsome specimen…


If you’re not familiar with this exotic flower, it is a dandelion (pronounced dan-dee-lie-un) a.k.a. Taraxacum from the Asteraceae family. I am proud to say that I had a huge crop of these all over our yard! Here’s how I did it:

1. First, I picked all kinds of these funny-looking puffy things:

dandelion seeds

2. Then, I blew on them, making sure to blow in the same direction of the wind.

3. I watched the seeds fly through the air in a beautiful, swirly arc.

4. Finally, the seeds settled into the grass.

5. I waited a year, and, sure enough, every single one of these seeds took hold.  Pure magic.

I know this sounds complicated but I am sure that you, too, can plant your own impressive crop of Taraxacum. In fact, this is a technique I taught myself and perfected as a very young child. I could never understand why my dad didn’t approve: he was otherwise so supportive.

Did you plant anything new this year? How’d that work out?


Note on the above: Josie actually gave me three other kinds of bulbs – pickwick crocus, guinea hens, and peacock orchids – but they have not made an appearance. I suspect squirrels. Either squirrels or gardener incompetence.  You be the judge.

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12 replies

  1. I know, is it not amazing!!! Not only is it great to see something you’ve planted grow but to see something you take care of blossom:-)

  2. Our neighbor directly across the street is intentionally growing dandelions because “he thinks it would be soooo cool to make dandelion wine.” It’s pretty much the bane of my husband’s existence.

    But YOURS is pretty. haha! I really do like the daffodils, actually. Do they smell good too?

    • It’s a travesty: I didn’t stop to smell the daffodils!! And now they are gone – I was too distracted by the scent of the hyacinths and the lilacs 🙂 That’s funny: dandelion wine – people will make wine out of anything!

  3. Flowers are all fine and dandy, but we will really be impressed when you are harvesting some fruit from trees you have planted on your property.

  4. I love this post Jocelyn!!! It’s so funny!!! Your daffodils are beautiful….hope you are enjoying this lovely spring!

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