cloud control

clouds 1

I have always been a big fan of mother nature: she’s creative, she’s in control, and she’s one hell of a multi-tasker. I think what I most respect is her design sensibility. Maybe I’ve just had my head in the clouds lately, but it seems to me that she’s taking special care with the sky these days. Using clouds as a design feature, she’s revitalizing already-vibrant vistas, and creating some seriously scintillating scenery. This was especially evident during a recent trip to the beautiful state of Florida.

I like how Mother Nature has the confidence to put the clouds right there, front and center, in our path:

clouds road

And how she pairs them with palm trees:

clouds palm trees

She even knows how to make power lines look good:

clouds power lines

Sometimes she bunches lots of them together to make these compelling clusters:cloud clusters

Every once in a while she even tinges them pink:

pink clouds

She creates a romantic look by using the sun as under-lighting:


As you can see, clouds are extremely versatile. And while Mother Nature certainly has a special knack for cloud stylings, she’s not the only one.

For example, I admire how The Simpsons have been harnessing the power of clouds for over 23 years:


Artist Bob Staake created this cloud-centric cover for this week’s The New Yorker. (Imagine my delight when it arrived in my mailbox yesterday, since I was sneaking up on a post about clouds.):

The New Yorker Cloud

And check this out: Jill Vegas, professional stager and author of Speed Decorating, recently created this fabulous cloud light fixture for a dining room makeover that aired on NBC’s Open House NYC:

jill vegas cloud light fixture

Here’s a charming little piece of cloud pottery from JD Wolfe Pottery, on Etsy. It’s officially a teaspoon rest, but I can imagine it as a ring holder, a little dessert plate, or I can see whole collection of them hanging on the wall:

JD Wolfe Pottery Cloud

And finally, here is my own attempt at cloud control. I painted this cardboard frame a long time ago, and it has held a photo of my brother and I at ages 1 and 6 ever since:

hand painted cloud frame

Thank you, Mother Nature, for inspiring all of us.

Have you mastered the art of cloud control?

21 replies

    • I have FL to thank, a new-ish camera, and of course good ol’ Mother Nature. There are some pretty nice clouds up above Nyack today, me thinks. 🙂

  1. Mother Nature and Father Time, hmmmm, I wonder what that really says about us? I loved your photos and story. While at Croton Point Park just yesterday I was remarking to my dad on the fabulous cloud formations(yes, I am a proud cloud watcher). I also appreciate the words that describe the clouds too. Fuffy, puffy, soft, bulbous, buoyant and bold.

  2. The six year old in that photograph appears to be particularly intelligent & good looking. You must be thrilled to have such a sibling.

  3. Those sneaky palm trees are always trying to get in the spotlight. 😉 I commend you for not giving in and making this a palm tree post!

    Hope you had a great trip – sounds so nice right about now! 🙂

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