the pollen report, achoo

mail box pollen

It has been utterly gorgeous here in the Nyack area the last several days: blue skies, slight breezes, temperatures in the 70’s. And yet. Some of us have ACHOO been under the weather…quite literally trapped under a layer of pollen. That green dust is covering absolutely ACHOO everything, including our innocent, unsuspecting mailbox, pictured above. (What did he do to deserve that?)

My black car is so thoroughly ACHOO coated in the stuff that it has taken on a weird green sheen. I say to myself about 14 times per day: I should really take that to the car wash. Then I shrug my shoulders: But it’ll just get covered in pollen again. In order for me to see out the windshield, my trusty wipers have been going above and beyond the call of duty.

pollen on car

We took some of our favorite devices out on our front porch this morning. We had a lovely breakfast of smoothies and ACHOO mushroom omelets. Within minutes, however, everything became speckled with the evil powder.

pollen on ipad

The other day, while sitting in the same spot, my mother and I watched a whole cloud of pollen billow down the street. I’ve never been in a sandstorm or a dust storm, but I have been in a snow blizzard, and that’s ACHOO pretty much ACHOO ACHOO what it was like, except more insidious and more crippling. Terrified, all I could do was run inside and take cover under a pillow until it passed.

While Rob mowed the lawn today (and I cheered him on from a nearby chair, woo hoo! ACHOO!) I noticed that he brushed by a branch of one of the evergreens we have in our front yard. A whole torrent of the stuff came raining down on him and left a huge yellow-green smudge on his shirt. It was a small price to pay: how great does this lawn look? Good job, Rob.


I looked down at my own pants only ACHOO to see the same kind of marking. It had the nerve to attach itself to me. I frantically brushed it off then washed my hands for the 75th time that hour. Pretty soon, I am going to ACHOO have to get a hazmat suit, complete with a face mask.

pollen on pants

The point is that this pollen is EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter how much you floss, how many times you shower or how long you burrow under the covers, you just can’t escape it. And I’m not sure, but I think this pollen stuff ACHOO is making me sneeze.

I took allergy medication one year but it didn’t seem to help. The holistic all-natural health nut in me is actually convinced that it made me worse. In an effort to quell my complaining, and build my immunity to local botanicals, Rob has been feeding me hot water with local honey. (Does anyone know if this works?) I have been drinking it, but not without…complaining.

The following has been my ACHOO main key to survival, my coping mechanism, my BFF lately. Have you seen me around town, hugging this like a teddy bear? Yup, that was me:


Not to make excuses, but if I’ve been out of touch lately, it’s because I’ve been focusing most of my energy on breathing. If I’ve been a bit of a recluse, I apologize: I blew my ACHOO nose so much that it fell off and I had to re-attach it. It’s healing fine, though I probably should have used a level (hindsight is 20/20.) Finally, if I’ve been rather irritable, I’m not going to take all the blame. I’m going to instead point fingers at the millions, the billions, the zillions of microscopic terrorists attacking from every angle. Pollen.


Are seasonal allergies getting you down?

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11 replies

  1. If its any consolation, and it’s likely not, we’re in the mountains in Calif at the 4,000 ft level and this evil green blanket has been smothering us for weeks! Seems the snow was no more than gone and the pollen floated in. It was so thick on the deck that it made it slippery to walk on. Wonder if the whole country is suffering from it?

    • It is a consolation, it is. Though I hate for others to suffer (or slip on the deck!), it’s good to know that it isn’t a pollen cloud centered just over my head.:) Be careful out there!

  2. This post made me feel significantly more fortunate that our only issue around here is humidity. My hair looks like an electricuted poodle died atop my head, but I can breathe like a champ. Hope you get some fresh, clean air soon!

  3. Ha! Nice image. Yup, we get the humidity too, just hasn’t fully hit yet. I actually like what it does to my hair – brings this limp mess to life a little bit and helps me re-live my old perm days. 🙂

  4. Do you have many oak trees in the area? Or pines? We have both and wonder if that’s the source.

  5. With allergies to pollen, my cat, and dust mites I alone am keeping the pharmaceutical companies wealthy. And I too, blame the weather for your bad mood…because you, my dear JJC, are a delightful creature by nature!!

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