mushrooms on a foggy morn’

foggy mushroom

‘Twas a foggy morn,
Errands were on the docket.
I pulled into a parking space.
My car? I was about to lock it.

When I looked out the windshield
And lo and behold,
I spotted these strange mushrooms,
See, I heart fungi as you’ve oft been told.

These were odd and strange,
And surrounded by mist.
Nearby there were some twins,
Which was an added twist.

foggy mushrooms twins

What sign, what lesson, what message
Did this sighting portend?
That quirkiness is everywhere,
And unexpected pleasures never end.


Anybody know what these are?

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6 replies

    • Yes, there was something very mysterious about that morn…despite the fact that I was at a local CVS picking up some meds and this was a rather unattractive, untrimmed median…ah life is funny…

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