peonies: when polka dots explode

WARNING: Do not look at the following photo essay if you are sensitive to beauty, or easily overwhelmed by the splendors of the natural world or if you are a polka dot purist. What you are about to see are explosions of a vibrant nature. They occurred over the last week in the corner of our front garden. I cannot take any credit for the pyrotechnics of this bush/plant/flowering craziness: the previous owners of our house rigged this up and we are grateful

peony 1peony 2peony 3peony 4peony 5peony 6peony 7peony 8peonies front porch

NOTE: No one was harmed in any of the above explosions. However, it seems many individuals in the ant community were made very happy by them. (What is it with ants and peonies? It would be nice to bring some of these beauties inside, but that would be like inviting infestation.)

FINALLY: I’d like to dedicate this post to Suzanne at Inspire; to breathe – she has a special love of peonies and all things pretty. Read her blog here.

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18 replies

    • Hee hee, couldn’t help thinking of you whilst snapping those photos. πŸ™‚ Yes, we did hug those peonies and noticed that they smell real purty too!

  1. Lovely photos! I planted peonies last year and was able to see a few explosions myself! I regret not taking pictures now… Thanks for sharing!!

    • Yes, you gotta be quick with your camera: they have now fallen/fainted to the ground, as the result of some heavy rains around here. (Hence why I cut some of them.) Thanks so much for visiting πŸ™‚

  2. The Peonies are the ants’ sugar mommas! They are classically co-dependent … Peonies entice them with crystal droplets of pure indulgence, and the ants enable them to open up and full on blossom. Of course, when all if that sweet stuff is gone, and the petals are fading, the ants leave them for a younger flower. Nonetheless, they always come crawling back. Just another sappy love story.

    • Thank you for this highly scientific and literate analysis. I cross-referenced with some other sources (a few ants and a sampling of peonies) and, sure enough, you nailed it.

  3. One more example of a typical type A(nt) insect being over industrious and making the rest of the insect community look bad by comparison. Helping flowers to open? Gimme a break. What about singing and dancing? I bet those ants never even stopped to smell the peonies they were working on.

    • So jaded, G. Hopper! Life, you may one day learn, is not a competition and we all contribute to the community in our own way. But yeah, I’d be up for seeing some ants singing and dancing – the ones in our house just walk in diagonal paths across the floor, the counter, etc.: bor-ing…

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