happy home improvement month!


Here at The Home Tome headquarters we have officially (and arbitrarily) declared this to be Home Improvement Month, a.k.a HIMP Month (not to be confused with HUMP Month, HEMP Month, or GIMP Month.) We will be celebrating do-it-yourself projects, projects that are hired out, and projects that remain woefully un-done.

Well, it’s not entirely arbitrary: July 3 will mark our two year house-iversary. Though our house was in wonderful condition when we bought it (built in 1965 and renovated beautifully sometime in the 1990’s), we have enjoyed making this house our own in various ways. The time has come to reveal and revel. Like most homeowners, we still have a long list of plans, schemes and dreams for future improvements. In fact, we are checking off one project from our perpetual To-Do list next week: we are getting the interior of our house painted from white to…drumroll…wait for it…white. Now those before-n- after photos are sure to blow your mind.

Everyone always says things like: “Your house is never done.” And: “Houses are a constant headache.” And: “It’s always something.” These statements are usually accompanied by a roll of the eyes. We have learned that yes, this is all true, but it can all also be pretty fun, as long as you accept the Rule of Two: that where home improvement is concerned, everything will cost twice as much as you anticipate and take twice as long.

So, in honor of HIMP Month, look for lots of pictures of our house, some helpful (and also utterly useless) advice, and some esteemed guest bloggers, weighing in on the topic. In fact, there will also be a CONTEST! (Details coming soon.)

So put on your hard hat, a trusty yet stylish tool belt, and cork a bottle of champagne – it’s time to ask yourself: Have you hugged your house today?


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  1. Well…it’s a lesson in patience, owning a house. Like many things, it takes a lot of time and money:-0 Having said that…I love our house and with a little one running around I oddly and fondly look forward to the days when she’s in kindergarden and I can spend the days working on all my home inprovement ideas. That is if I’m not working full time by then. And, yes, I did hug my house today.

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