let the sun shine in


Thank you to Tori @ The Ramblings for awarding me with the prestigious Sunshine Blogger Award – her blog is ha!-larious, so I am of course quite honored. How this works is that I have to answer 11 of her questions, then pass on 11 of my own questions to 11 bloggers. So here my answers to her questions:

1. Life is all about making David Letterman happy. What’s your most entertaining Stupid Human Trick? In fact, I’m doing it right now: I can drink coffee while typing, while watching The Food Network. Oh, excuse me, David Letterman’s producers are calling–

2. What’s your most traumatic experience? Waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit last summer. I didn’t sleep for two nights, worked myself into an anxious local-news induced frenzy, and sprained both wrists while wringing my hands with worry. Not much happened at our house other than a lot of wind, boatloads of rain, some minor leakage, and losing electricity for about 8 hours. BUT what I imagined, was apocalyptic.  (I know others weren’t as lucky in that storm and other storms…)

3. What one word best describes you? Gnome-centric.

4. Cake or Cake? (Note: Trick Question!) German Chocolate, Carrot, Cup.

5. If you were a celebrity and thus legally obligated to name your offspring something horrendous, what would your little bundle of publicity’s name be? Let’s just say that Rob and I have a whole list going, based on our favorite PBS program, Antiques Roadshow. I plan to dedicate a whole post to this eventually but a few examples: Tiffany, Insurance Value, Scrimshaw.

6. Who would win in a girly pop/dance/hair flip battle, Bieber or Beyoncé? Their love-child – Biebyoncé. 

7. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? Has anybody seen my calculator?

8. If given the opportunity to get away with it, who or what would you like to punch? The people who litter on our lawn. I think I am going to rig up some kind of sensor system and a net in the trees in order to catch these misfits. So if someone could toss some boxing gloves on our yard for the punching part, that would be great! 

9. Desperate times call for weird measures. What strange career would you try to make that money, honey?  Stand-up comedian, minus the stage fright, the substance addiction, and hecklers. Also, I don’t really love travel or staying in hotels so I think I will say, instead…blogging.

10. What’s one thing you can’t live without? My laptop, lovingly nicknamed, Compupu. I am tap dancing on it right now.

11. The most important question of all of ever and everything: Big Spoon or Little? Spork? Shovel.

And here are my 11 questions, all of them having to do with the home since, of course, this is HIMP (Home Improvement) Month:

1. Hire it out or do-it-yourself?

2. Favorite decorative pattern: i.e. polka dots, stripes, tweed, tie-dye, chevron?

3. Do you have a good rodent or insect story?

4. “Vase” or “vahhze”?

5. What is on your coffee table right now?

6. Have you ever injured/wounded yourself while undertaking a home improvement project? (Note that even washing dishes qualifies as home improvement, and we all know this can be extremely dangerous…)

7. Do you have a green thumb? i.e. can you keep plants alive? (Alternatively: are you the Incredible Hulk?) (Alternatively: did you get your thumb tatooed green?)

8. Do you eat dinner in the kitchen or on the couch?

9. Do you make your bed every day or do you choose to spend your time more productively?

10. If you had a show on HGTV, what would the premise be?

11. If you won the lottery, what’s the first change you’d make to your house or apartment?

And here are my 11 choices to be the lucky recipients of the Sunshine Bloggers Award:

The Runaway Mama


Nyack Backyard

The Byronic Man

Daffodils and Dishwater

Joe’s Shitty Ideas

The Coffee Club (and Me)

Childhood Relived

Good Humored

A Goode House

My School House Rocks

A Detailed House


Check out these great blogs and pass the sunshine along…Have a great weekend. Stay tuned: coming up next week I’ll be posting an interview with a professional stager/speed decorator, a guest blog, and more HIMP Month mayhem! 

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15 replies

  1. To answer your questions:
    1. I’d prefer to do it myself, but I’ve finally learned that I don’t have much skill in that arena so I’ve become a hire it myself kind of person.
    2. My favorite decorative pattern used to be plaid, but lately I’ve become a polka dot girl.
    3. Yes, I do have a good rodent story. Thanks for asking.
    4. Definitely vase.
    5. My Dad’s Father’s Day gift is sitting on my coffee table right now. It’s next to the cat who is also sitting on the coffee table chewing on the handles of the gift bag.
    6. I injure myself doing household activities all the time, but my favorite injury was when I broke my middle finger doing laundry. It was fun to have my finger splinted in the extended position for 10 days.
    7. I have a green thumb and the flower garden to prove it.
    8. We eat dinner in the kitchen.
    9. I don’t make the bed, but my husband does since he’s the last one out of it.
    10. I have no idea what HGTV show I’d like to have, but I’m thinking it might involve a weed picking contest.
    11. If I won the lottery the first change I’d make to my house is who cleans it. I’d hire a cleaning service.

    • 6. ugh!
      7. jealous!
      9. good system.
      10. I’d make a guest appearance on that – I have gotten pretty skilled at that.
      11. YOU BET, great idea!
      Thanks for playing!:)

  2. BEST RESPONSE OF ALL OF EVER AND EVERYTHING: “11. The most important question of all of ever and everything: Big Spoon or Little? Spork? Shovel.” — INDEED!

    2. Favorite decorative pattern: i.e. polka dots, stripes, tweed, tie-dye, chevron? HOUNDSTOOTH (do you have to look it up?)


    6. Have you ever injured/wounded yourself while undertaking a home improvement project?

    10. If you had a show on HGTV, what would the premise be?” TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE MAKES THIER BED EVERYDAY

    • YOU KILL ME – a chipmunk nibbling at your earring??? ugh!

      And your number 6 is why I never ever ever go barefoot. In fact, I will be sleeping with steel-toe boots on from here out.

      Can you come over and make my bed? Bring the HGTV cameramen, especially if they have Aussi accents…

      BTW, I did know what houndstooth was (but I looked it up to double check) – very Sherlock Holmes. 🙂

  3. Oh wow, thanks for sharing the “sunshine”… I think I’m getting a tan! I’m definitely feeling warm and happy… happy that you did such a nice thing and included me on your list! What a cool surprise. I love your questions and look forward to answering them as soon as I kill some roaches, do the dishes, and punch out my neighbors! 🙂
    Love your blog!

  4. Well gosh, don’t I feel like a star this morning! Thanks for the blog love and right back at ya I might add! Not sure which I am more excited about, the nomination or Biebyonce’s first single!!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! Great answers! I especially love the Antique Roadshow baby names.

    1. Hire it! (Although, my husband is usually up for the challenge.)

    2. Ooh, I love chevron! Very 1920s, my favorite fashion era.

    3. A spider once got trapped in my 1988 mall bangs. Most terrifying moment of my life.

    4. Vase. I’m from the low-brow Midwest.

    5. Dwell magazine — I swear it!

    6. Does it count that my cat almost injured herself? Jumped in an open paint tray and bounded down the hall of our newly installed wood floors. I nearly killed her.

    7. I kill philodendrons — which I didn’t realize was even possible.

    8. Neither — table!

    9. Make bed. I hate getting in a messy bed with sheets in a lump.

    10. Storage Nightmares. I have the least organized closets in the free world. If someone could come in and organize them for me, I bet I’d gain three closets-worth of space. Wait, was I supposed to be offering expertise on this show? I have none.

    11. New kitchen, no question. And we wouldn’t move.

    • ha ha, love these!
      3. ewww!
      5. Us too!
      7. I used to brag that I was a philadendron whisperer – then I killed one this year. (well, I think it has 3 leaves left…)
      10. Oh, 3 closets-worth of clear space – just think of all the stuff you can jam in there! 🙂
      Thanks for playing – love your blog!

      • 5. We used to subscribe to three or for magazines, Real Simple and the like. But we never ever got around to reading them after having kids. Dwell is the only magazine I’ll drop what I’m doing to read. Love it!

        Thanks again!

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