de-sigh-n month has arrived!

design lamp

Happy De-sigh-n Month!

You might be wondering: why the sigh?

Well, this is because I am a conflicted person.
Let me try to explain…
The realm of interior design brings me a great deal of joy,
But it also brings me pain.

I already have far more things than I need,
Yet there are still so many cool, funky, cute, modern and vintage-y items out          there to claim.
I like a clean, sparsely decorated home,
Yet, I often ask myself, what next can I obtain?

Purchasing extraneous items makes me feel guilty,
While being frugal makes my wild mind tame.
But I also work hard and occasionally reward myself,
Should this fill me with so much self-blame?
Of course, DIY design projects don’t cost very much,
And you can make lots of Beauty out of the Mundane…

But our house is pretty much all set, we love the way it is,
Not much needs to be changed –
In fact, sometimes I imagine having 10 houses around the world,
Only reachable by plane.
So I could decorate each one differently,
(This would of course require fortune and possibly fame.)

I have a secret fantasy of becoming an interior designer,
Of making a living off this hobby for material gain.
Maybe I’ll do that in my next life,
If by then my interest doesn’t wane.

Does design ever make you sigh sometimes,
Or am I completely…insane?

(HALT – Don’t answer that very last part about the state of my mental health! I know this poetic masterpiece has already answered that question with an XL YES.)

(Note: This post was not meant to be a poem. But the first two sentences rhymed and I felt I had to go with it. You deserve my deepest apologies.)


Stay tuned for a fun-filled month of design/de-sigh-n discourse. I will be sharing with you some of our own design predilections, featuring a few DIY projects, and asking you to brag about your own.

And… in case you haven’t already heard about it/seen it/read it yet, my new humor book,  The Homeowner’s Guide to Greatness has a whole chapter on design. The book is out in paperback and e-reader and became an Amazon Bestseller last week. It may not actually change your life as I have gotten into the habit of claiming, but I CAN guarantee this: it contains none of the awkward rhyming displayed above!



12 replies

  1. The degree to which I love my “stuff” and the fervor with which I seek out new (preferably old) “stuff.” Makes my husband back away when I approach with the computer in hand, saying—“There’s this thing… on craigslist…”

    • ha ha! I haven’t caught the craigslist or the the ebay bug YET, trying to steer clear of those because I know that could be trouble! I do have a friend who is a Craigslist champion – she has gotten some amazing things for her home on that and for incredible deals! 🙂

    • You are kind to call it ‘reconfiguring’ – some might call it butchering – I have a bad habit of making words my own…And we’re not talking just spelling – as you know, my pronunciation can be rather creative as well.

  2. You are welcome to come and redesign my home! The reason I frequent your blog is not only for the witty and humorous writing, but the exceptional design talent you have. No matter how hard I try, my house just looks like one big hodge podgey mess. I love your expertise and think you should most definitely become an interior designer to help the many many design impaired folk like myself!

    • ha ha! Thank you! I think if I become an interior designer (and that won’t be until my next life, if I have time), I will specialize in Hodge Podge 🙂 Professional Hodge Podger.

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