guest post: funny mod chairs

In honor of De-sigh-n Month, I am pleased to present the following guest post from Tess Pajaron, who is located halfway across the planet, in Australia. She’s an avid  follower of the home tome and accompanying pinterest boards. She says, “Ever since I got married and settled in a new house of my own, I’ve been hooked on decorating and anything relating to home improvement.” She works full-time on the interior design team for Open Colleges in Sydney and has found some chairs to share with us that are pretty funny and quite mod.

I, for one, would be happy to have almost any of the following chairs in my house…

ball chair

(photo source)

When I moved into my first home, I scoured the internet and magazines looking for some of the best ways to decorate. I looked at Country Living, but found it to be too difficult to make work (which means it’s just not my style). Then, on a trip to a local furniture store, I discovered modern design. In the past, I had always thought of modern design as sterile and cold. But with my research and recent shopping excursions I discovered an entirely different side to the modern world of design. In particular, some funny mod chairs caught my eye: these are the kinds of fun designs that I knew would make me enjoy my space.

Here are a few examples of some chairs I found and fell in love with.

The Ball Chair (pictured above)

A little bit retro and a little but modern all at the same time, this unique funny looking chair has it all from a design standpoint. I not only found it incredibly comfortable to sit in, but this piece is an easy one to quickly turn a room from bland to chic without too much investment or effort. A definite attention getter, I have found this chair to be perfect to use as an easy way to draw a fun response while also maintaining a tasteful modern look.

Back to Nature

(photo source)

I love the outdoors, which is why I initially chose to try to decorate with a country feel. But modern has taken a new rustic approach with natural materials. I found pieces as fun and unique as tree trunks for benches and stone carvings for chairs, some of which are pictured above. As you head out to find a new way to accent your living space, think natural. By using materials direct from nature, you can add a unique appeal to your home that combines the luxury of the modern look with the down to earth homey feeling found in nature.

A Splash of Color

(photo source)

For so long I thought of modern design as cold, uninviting black and white. Yet as I hit the stores I found that color has made a comeback in a serious way. Now, lime greens, bright pinks and other bold hues have made an appearance in many modern rooms around the world, including my own. This bold look adds just the right amount of brightness to a room without cluttering it up. And it stays modern because it stays within the realm of clean cuts that modern design is so well known for.

Create your Own Cocoon

(photo source)

In the backyard, people just want to lay back and relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Keeping this in mind, I was able to find some great modern chairs with a cocoon feel. Caterpillars create their own cocoons to hide away from the elements as they transform into beautiful creatures. So I did this too with the comfort of an outdoor hideaway in a cocoon chair. Now my guests love coming over to lay back in the comfort of this stunning and slightly funny looking chair. We simply put these out for easy places to unwind and share in great conversation in style and comfort.

The Bold Look of Aluminum

(photo source)

I love a unique piece. It can spruce up a room and give it personality. For this reason, I fell in love with the extra bold design and pop of color with aluminum chairs. These chairs are strong and sturdy and come in a variety of colors and designs to fit any space – I personally love the red. These are also great because they provide seating space that also serves as a decoration when not in use. What I love even more is that these chairs are also environmentally friendly because they use recycled aluminum to create the end product.

If you are anything like me, you love the modern design but have always thought of it as cold and unwelcoming for your personal home. Take a trip to the local modern furniture store and you may be surprised by the number of funny, yet chic modern chairs that can be used to spruce up your home with class and ease.

Tess Pajaron is part of the Interior design team behind Open Colleges, an online courses provider in Australia. Her background stems from her exposure to their family-owned construction business. She is a lover of minimalist modern designs and architecture. On her spare time, she loves to travel.


Thanks Tess! I love that Ball Chair and the those neon lime ones as well.

Stay tuned: later this week I will be sharing some incriminating fascinating photos…

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  1. So….how would you sit in those aluminum chairs??? I think you are right in calling them a bench, but even then….wouldn’t it be uncomfy? Considering the lines and all. Oy vey, look at me analyzing chairs!

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