gnome gnews

Okay, so I have been jetsetting around the world on my whirlwind book tour (read: driving around on the weekends in my ten year old Hyundai), but some interesting things have been going on here at the home front, too. Namely, with the gnomes. Many of you are already acquainted with my Number One Mushroom Farmer:

our gnome

…And the fact that he got a house last year (that post here). But this summer he got some serious curb appeal, thanks to Rob. Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, the following project was Rob’s idea entirely and I simply stood aside, screeching with delight from behind the camera.

We’re talking rock pathway, front stoop, pine cone trees, walnut shell benches:

gnome curb appealgnome curb appeal 2

See the tiny garden hoe parked at the front door? Rob’s mom, Sandy, got us that:

gnome garden hoe

But the biggest news/gnews (a.k.a. labor of love) is the twine-n-twig handrail that lines the path leading to the front door:

gnome hand rail

Look, it’s a steep path! And Gnomey’s not getting any younger – why not help him out a bit?

Quote from my five year-old nephew this past weekend: “That’s not a REAL house, that’s just a door up against a tree.” Rob and I looked at each other, confused, then laughed it off. Of course it’s a real house!

But the gnome gnews doesn’t stop here. Nope. Check out this magnet our friends Steve and Josie picked up for us on a trip to Boston. I can’t approach the refrigerator without chuckling at it:

chillin with gnomies magnet

How ’bout these cute stamps my cousin Mindy sent from Albuquerque? I just got the ink for them, so consider yourself warned:

gnome stamps

I can’t help but love these salt and pepper shakers my friend Ann-Marie gave me for my birthday:

gnome salt and pepper shakers

She also gave us this extra-agile plant-climbing gnome:

gnome plant climber

I like how he looks during the day, but I’m especially fond of how he looks at night – very stealthy:

plant gnome at night

Do you have any of your own gnome gnews to report? Do you think Rob and I are certifiably insane in this regard or is this an understandable response to the fact that it’s been a dry season around here, as far as mushrooms? Please advise.

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  1. What precisely is the difference between a gnome and a troll? Are they the same thing, and just called different things in different parts of the country? When I was in Wisconsin last week I saw a troll drinking a pop, But yesterday in New York, I saw a gnome drinking a soda. Enquiring minds gotta know.

    • They are entirely different species independent of the region and independent of what carbonated beverage they choose. And truthfully, Rumple, there isn’t enough room in this comment section to enumerate the differences. Perhaps, next time you see one, you could ask him or her? Just an idea.

  2. Oh my goodness… I just burst out in smile and laughter. That is the freakin’ greatest thing EVER! It’s perfect for your gnome and all his gnomies. The handrail will come in handy after a few too many cocktails!
    It’s so great that you’ve given him a home to be proud of. Maybe when you’re a sleep he’ll hoe the flowerbeds to show his appreciation. 🙂
    It sort of looks like a little house in “the shire”. (lord of the rings) LOVE IT! You guys are so creative and too much fun!!!!

    • ha ha! thank you – you are so right about the cocktails – though the handrail was mostly to help with his aging knees, I suspect that Gnomey does like to throw back a few. 🙂

      Yes, I used to talk a lot of big talk about how much great landscaping and gardening Gnomey did while we were asleep, but that didn’t go over so well with the person who actually does all of it. Now, I just give him credit for the mushrooms – and I have to say, unlike your fabulous crop a while back, we haven’t had ANY on our property this year! So maybe he’s slacking…?

      Yup, Lord of the Rings is right. Yikes, we are DORKY.

    • Glad it gave you a chuckle – it gives me one every night, when I turn on the light we have under-lighting our plants 🙂 To quote my mother: it’s fun to have just a little bit of “whimsy.”

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