the artwork of Robert Strati

Robert Strati Fold

There are many advantages of living with and being married to the creative genius, Robert Strati. And I’m not just talking about his ability to whip up gnome curb appeal referenced in the last post. I’m talking about real art. Quiet, introspective, and transportive work that has been shown and collected around the world for twenty years.

One of the best things (and most relevant to De-sigh-n Month), is getting to decorate our home with his original artwork, like the Fold piece, pictured above. This piece, made from wire and packing tape, hangs in our living room.

Robert Strati Fold close up

The sculptures in the Fold series start off as long pieces. I think they look pretty cool when they’re mid-process, too:

Robert Strati Folds unfolded

In our front hallway, we have one of his Outlines, which is also composed of wire and packing tape:

Robert Strati Outline

This is beautiful during the day, but the shadow it creates on the wall at night nearly takes my breath away, even when I’m passing by it in the middle of the night, all bleary-eyed, whilst heading back from the kitchen for a glass of water:

Robert Strati Outline at night

Above our bed hangs one of his Digital Scrolls, which he creates in Illustrator. These feel both modern and ancient at the same time. The pattern, to me, has the kinetic energy of a complex piece of jazz music:

Robert Strati digital print close up

And sometimes I imagine it’s a print-out of our dreams:

Robert Strati Digital Scroll above bed

Back in his studio, our converted garage, there is always something interesting going on, like these Structures, which I think look like little creatures exploring the moon:

Robert Strati Structures

To me, some of them seem like they’re doing yoga stretches along the way. A bit of Warrior, perhaps, and some Child’s Pose?

Robert Strati Structues close up

The following funkiness was something he was playing with when we first moved into the house two years ago. Something about this photo captures the excitement of having a new studio, and new place to experiment:

Rob Strati experiment

Here’s one of his recent paintings:

Robert Strati Painting

…And one of his new Hover pieces, with wire armatures and balloons that drift gently with the air currents:

Robert Strati Hover

These Hover pieces, and the Digital Scrolls were featured last month in a show titled, “The Elevationists” at Manhattan Born in New York City’s East Village. Curator/owner/artist Paul Darragh took some beautiful photos of the show, that blow all of my photographic attempts out of the water, and really do the work justice. To see them, click here.

As you may have noticed, Rob works in several mediums, yet I admire how all of his work has a serene elegance and a calming quality. The show at Manhattan Born, amid all of the hustle and bustle of the city, was indeed, just as Rob intended, “like a whisper in the middle of Manhattan.” I think my friend Margaret summed it up perfectly when she came to one of his shows in New York a few years ago and said something like: “His work doesn’t reach out and hit you over the head like some art does. It asks you step in closer, and you do.”

Next up, Rob has a show this month in Zurich (featuring the Digital Prints, not in scroll form) and another show at a unique space in Boston, also featuring some Digital prints and a few Fold pieces.

This really is just the tip of the iceberg: Rob’s done all kinds of stuff, including installations/performances with people dressed up in lab coats in Chelsea and a unique project on a barge. To see more of his work, visit his website, here.

And to Rob, as we sneak up on our third wedding anniversary this week: I can’t believe I met someone as talented, kind, and handsome as you. I feel lucky, indeed, and can’t wait to see what magic you create next.


BIG thank you to my local blogging buddy Jennifer at Nyack Backyard for doing a fabulous post on The Homeowner’s Guide to Greatness. Visit her excellent garden-and-home centric blog here.

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  1. Wow! As an art lover I have to tell you that this blew me away. I had no idea Rob was so talented. I have always loved Calder’s wire sculptures which lead me to really appreciate the art form in general. I agree with your friend Margaret. It’s not overwhelming and it makes you go a little deeper than what the eye sees at first glance. It’s hard to stop starting at them. I feel that way about Cy Twombly’s drawings.
    Really amazing. Does he sell them? So glad you shared that… what a treat.
    P.S. Happy 3rd-a-versary. Enjoy your day, you love birds!

    • Thank you so much Stacey – that means a lot coming from you, as I know you have a keen eye for art 🙂 We are also fans of Calder and Twombly (let’s just say that I have learned a lot about art since I have been with Rob – was always appreciative, but it has fun to delve in deeper, that’s for sure.) Yes, he does sell his work: he can be contacted at robstrati at yahoo. Turns out there is a special discount for home tome readers! ha!

      Very rainy here today, we’re talking cats and dogs. But dinner plans at one of our local faves WILL NOT be thwarted!

  2. This is so cool! I’ve wondered before about Rob’s art. Thanks for sharing these! The balloons reminded me of Calder too 🙂

    (reason for visiting Grand Rapids someday: we have a *giant* Calder sculpture downtown, it’s actually part of our city’s official symbol)

    • Oh wow, we will have to check out that giant Calder piece! Saw an amazing retrospective of his at the Whitney museum – all his circus pieces and mobiles, etc. Very cool. 🙂

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