smoothies solve everything

fruit smoothie

I have always been a big fan of The Smoothie: I have purchased and concocted many of my own in my day. But the past few months have really been The Summer of the Smoothie. The blender has made the short trip from the cupboard to the counter what seems like zillions of times. Why? Because I have discovered that smoothies pretty much solve everything.

Feeling a bit overheated and mildly disappointed in the efficacy your new air conditioner? Why not bust out some frozen fruit from the freezer and whip up a refreshing smoothie?

frozen fruit in bags

Craving something sweet and cold but not quite as frozen and decadent as ice cream? Definitely time to partially thaw that fruit under some hot water for a smoothie.

frozen fruit in collander

Trying to figure out how to get your daily dose of fruit without taking the time to make a chopped fruit salad like your mother used to do with such expertise? Reach for that sleek red race car of a blender your in-laws gave you for your bridal shower and get revved up for some smoothie goodness.

red blender

Have a banana that’s just starting to walk on the wild side (i.e. too speckled to eat outright but still fine if it’s mushed up into something)? Throw in some vanilla yogurt, and voila, it’s smoothie time!

smoothie with banana and yogurt

Do you get a strange thrill watching a group of separate solids quickly transform into a brilliantly-colored liquid? Then put that blender on pulse and watch the smoothie show…

smoothie blended

Work dilemma? Spat with your sibling? Economic crisis? Warring nations? I suspect that this tasty treat could smooth out all of these situations…

There, now. Doesn’t that feel better?

smoothie finished

Can you think of any problems a smoothie couldn’t solve or at least improve? I didn’t think so. What do you put in yours?

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  1. Yum! I always put in frozen veggies, too, for the kids.

    It is a diet secret of mine that I’ll make a vow like, “today I only eat mush”. Smoothies are allowed. Thanks for the post!

  2. Your frozen fruit packages look the same as ours. We got a new Vita Mix blender this summer ( We traded in an original model). Sometimes we use a little OJ in the bottom. Paul likes frozen pineapple chunks. And we do veggie ones as well, or a combination of fruit and veggie, with spinach being a key ingredient. Loved your photos. Wendy

    • Thanks Wendy – I have a friend who also has the Vita Mix and RAVES about it!

      Yeah, juice in the bottom is good – I just never seem to have any on hand so I use water – helps the fruit to get mushed up. I LOVE green juices – get them at the health food store occasionally with a little ginger and cayenne for kick, but (unless I get a vita mix) I don’t think my red blender is going to be able t handle the vegggies??

  3. I love smoothies! I had a summer of smoothies about four years ago. I need to return to those simpler times. I think the end came about when my blender got dirty in some tiny crevices that I wasn’t willing to work at cleaning. There goes my smoothie therapy.

    This might be bringing me back there! I have a smoothie recipe book that is calling my name now.

    • I know – they are not the easiest things to clean and I’m not exactly one to take that thing apart to get the job REALLY done. Every time I stick my hand down in there with the sponge there is a 75% chance I’m going to cut myself on the blade bc I am somewhat clumsy – so the risks are high. But the benefits are great. Smoothie recipe book: I should probably flip through one of those – I’ve been making pretty much the same smoothie for years now – probably time to change things up! 🙂

  4. I love smoothies! They’re great for someone like me who is too lazy to eat fruit as much as I should, and who is not really a fan of individual fruits but who likes them when they’re blended together. Go figure.

    On a completely unrelated topic — well, maybe not *completely* since it is on the subject of beverages — google “Norsk Ol beer”. The bottles look like gnomes. I saw a photo of them this morning and thought of you.

    • OH MY: Just a-googled that beer and those are GREAT – I don’t even LIKE beer, but I will have to get my hands on some of that gnomey beverage!! Thanks for that tip. 🙂

      Yeah, what is it about blended fruit? Maybe it’s kind of a return-to-the-womb/return-to-baby state that’s so comforting about it? Once you add the straw, it is kind of like drinking from a bottle…

  5. Haha! There is nothing grosser than a banana that’s taking a “walk on the wild side”. Smoothies are the last resort with them around here.. alll the time. Fun post! 🙂

    • I do love bananas but they turn so quickly! You really have to be vigilant about eating them if you buy an entire bunch. Much as I love polka dots, I don’t like them on my bananas 🙂 And not that smoothies are a punishment for these aging fruits, but they are a good last stop before the garbage bin…:)

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