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first day

We are glad to welcome Ian Fletcher Strati as the newest addition here at the home tome headquarters.  He “started” December 28 at 3:02 AM and has been heading up the Cute Department for two weeks now. Though he is new to the position, he is proving to be quite talented. Above, you can see him on his first day on the job. He was already good at holding hands.

We are pleased to see that he is already a fan of mushrooms. (Thank you Josie.):

Ian and mushrooms

He looks dashing in formalwear. (Thank you Sarah Z.):

Ian in Tuxedo

And he does a great imitation of a burrito. (Thank you Stefanie for the swaddling tutorials and blankets.):


Sometimes he does sleep on the job, (thankfully!) and proves that real men really can rock polka dots. (Thank you Cousin Annette for the moses basket).

Ian in Moses basket

His hands are extremely small, yet busy, and he requires regular manicures so that he does not self-destruct (i.e. scratch his face.) (Thank you, Dara, for your delicate expertise.):


Mostly, he is serving as a serious distraction to the other home tome employees. It’s admittedly difficult to blog, eat, sleep, pay bills, exercise or perform many formerly regular duties when we can now, instead,  just gaze at this:

Ian asleep

Stay tuned for notes on the the nursery…we have had WAY too much fun setting that up.

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  1. Oh, Joc, what a darling Ian is! He is a beautiful baby. I loved seeing his pictures and I can truly understand how just gazing at him is the very best way to spend your days. Can’t wait to meet him in person and see you and Rob again. I hope you’re getting a little rest in between the feedings.

    If we can help in any way, please let us know. I’ll share this blog and the photos with your dad tonight.

    Love, Sherill

  2. You are the best Jocelyn! I don’t know how you do it. Fab pix. I was wondering if it would be OK to put a pix in the next club newsletter? Perhaps the one of the 3 of you, or of course, one of your choosing. We probably could do 2! And actually, we have been remiss in putting something about your book in the newsletter as well. In your spare time, if you have a blurb about the book you could send me, I’ll get it taken care of. Keep on truckin’, Wendy

  3. I was just thinking of you yesterday—wondering how it went… and I can see it went perfectly. He is absolutely, entirely adorable!!! And you must be doing REALLY well to have gotten around to a post. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    • Thanks Victoria – yes, have been jonesing to do a post. I have missed being in blogland the last few weeks – am hoping I can carve out some moments here and there – but my conception of time has totally changed…Whew! 🙂

  4. Can a heart melt? I’m pretty sure it can because mine just did… And from the look of things you and Rob must be puddles of happy goo.

    Did I mention MOST beautiful baby ever? Seriously… This child is beyond handsome! I can’t imagine your eyes ever leaving his sweet face. What a blessing.

    I had a dream about you during the holidays. There was a huge snow storm and you went into labor. Rob was trying to get you to the hospital but the storm was so bad you had little Ian on the side of the road. Clearly I watch too much tv. I can only hope the actual experience was somewhat less dramatic. Well… at least somewhat.

    Oh how much fun life is going to be with this little guy. He’s so sweet I can’t take it! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see the nursery! Love that he’s finally here.

    • Thank you Stacey 🙂

      Okay, I kid you not: there WAS a snow storm here when I went into labor! Your subconscious was on target, except for having him on the side of the road, fortunately. 🙂 As soon as contractions started, we left our house and headed for a hotel near the hospital just in case – We stayed there for 12 hours and I’m glad we did. The next 36 hours were surreal, to say the least. Actually the last 2 weeks have been pretty surreal…Enormous change indeed. 🙂

  5. Oh, how precious! He’s lovely.

    Funny, I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering what was up. Congratulations!!! I remember the first weeks and months after my first baby’s arrival as a miraculous time, due to selective memory loss. 🙂

    Enjoy! 🙂

  6. soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! and i am so happy to be able to “meet” him! he is a doll and i am so happy for you guys! congrats. i can’t wait to see what other posts he drums up in the future. thanks for introducing us!! xo

    • Thank you so much – yes, no telling what layers he’s going to add to our lives and to…this blog? Hoping I’ll still get a chance to post now and again…but I am determined to not push it and just go with the flow…

      • Yes, there is that, on the plus side ‘baby brain’ can be used to explain away all sorts of peculiar activities. Hopefully you aren’t too bombarded with well meaning advice and can get on with the thing that YOU will be the best at, being little Ian’s mom. So excited for you.

  7. woop woop, having met the handsome lad I will say he is a charmer for sure…with his outstanding good looks at two weeks…look out ladies:-))

    Love’in the cutie-puttutie photos of Ian. You are doing fab mama! lovelove

  8. Such sweetness! Enjoy every glorious moment of this time in your family. He’ll start wanting to expand his job description very, very soon. Congrats!!

  9. I think he is the most beautiful little baby I have ever seen….seriously. Joc and Rob, I am so thrilled for you and I so can’t wait to meet Ian!!! I love that you posted – thanks from your fan base!

    • Thank you April – Yup, there was a big debate amongst my friends as to whether or not boys can wear polka dots…since I’m such a fanatic…so his little cradle has them…ha!

  10. Congrats, Jocelyn! So glad that everyone’s happy and healthy. And EEEEP!!! He’s such a beautiful baby! 🙂

    I was thinking of you over the holidays & hoping that your blogging break was full of good things.. Looks like it was 🙂

    • Thanks so much Suzanne – yup, will be interesting to see how much I can keep up with the blogging – determined to not pressure myself…right now, it pretty much feels like he is a full time gig, ha!

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