commemorative mushroom…commemo-shroom?


So my girls, Sara, Susan and Sandra, hosted a super-fun baby shower for me in the fall. It was a delightful affair complete with excellent food, adorable gifts and a lot of laughs. One thing that made it extra special was this crazy ceramic mushroom. Everyone signed it to commemorate the event:



“Is this weird?” Sara asked me a few times. “Yes!” I answered, “And I love it!” Commemo-shroom did give everyone a good chuckle, sprouting up as it did between the cheese plate and the salad.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that Sara stumbled upon this it at a local mom and pop paint-your-own pottery place called Jill’s Ceramics located in West Nyack:


I enjoyed going there to pick it up after it was glazed. This place has just about everything under the sun that you can paint to make your own. They do events and kids parties – what fun:

IMG_1930 IMG_1928

You KNOW I’ll be going back to paint this. Lets call him my own personal truffle holder :


…And of course I’ll want to visit Teddy the Parrot:


…Not to mention Travis, the Llama, out back (!):


Love this guy – and so did Sara and her daughter, Nora:


Now, the mushroom is all glazed. It looks great in Ian’s nursery, poised up high (out of reach) on some little floating shelves in the corner (Container Store). It sits adjacent to his Miffy book and some teeny animal figurines his Aunt Marcy gave him:


As my friends and regular readers know (I suppose the home tome header says it all), I have a thing for mushrooms. So of course this isn’t the only shroomy item in Ian’s world. Check out this muslin burp cloth:


And these organic toadstool rattles from Uncommon Goods that my friend Josie got for him:

mushroom rattles Uncommon Goods

Thanks to all those who attended the shower and signed this special (and, yeah, somewhat strange) commemo-shroom – Sara, Susan, Sandra, Josie, Martina, Nancy, Bobbie Anne, Katie, Stefanie, and Rachelle – You know I love you girls!

And to the rest of my readers – I highly recommend Jill’s Ceramics (if you’re local) and, in general, I think these paint-your-own pottery pieces (storefronts where you can do this are all over the place) make wonderful commemorative gifts. Okay, maybe not everyone wants a mushroom…but a nice platter, a big salad bowl or decorative plate would certainly be appreciated by most…

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  1. a commemo-shroom!!!!! this is such a fun, creative idea, especially for you! now, i can’t tell if i’m having a spacial recognition problem (likely) or not. i remember from my ceramics days that things shrink considerably once fired. but that shroom looks like it shrunk to an uber miniature, am i wrong???
    and those ladies got you some cute things! i love those rattles.

  2. That’s the type of gift that you can never top. The kind of thing when you see it, you literally CANNOT believe what you are looking at. Had they gone searching for a paint-your-own, weirdly-giant, ceramic mushroom? They never would have found it.

    I love the color it took on with the glaze… a very genuine mushroom shade! And I love that it’s so personal. (I also love your mini vase/planter…)

    • You’re right – you’d never be able to find that if you were actually trying to do so 🙂 Sara was indeed excited when she found it.

      I got that teeny little vase a long time ago, I think at Crate and Barrel (?) I remember that it was like 2.99 or something…

  3. Holy Shiit-take that is the most thoughtful and FUN little bobble ever! How sweet of these ladies. It just goes to show they know you oh so well. I love how it’s displayed on those cute little floating shelves. Such a special piece to see everyday and remember a wonderful time in your life!

    The burp cloth and the rattles are fungi-tastic! Your kid burps and rattles in style!!! Sweet post, Jocelyn. I can tell you’re having so much fun being a mommy!

    • ha ha! you punny. Yes, we are indeed having fun. Just needed to make sure that such a breakable item is displayed UP HIGH – probably won’t always keep it in his room but it’s fun for now 🙂 I wonder what will he think of his mommy’s mushroom obsession when he gets older?? Maybe I will pass out of this phase…eventually…

  4. Fab Fab Fab mommy lady. You rock. Have you ever thought of all the fun words that rhyme with shroom? Moom, doom, loom, boom, room and many more. OK, maybe some of my spelling is questionable.
    See you soo…m:-))

  5. How SWEET is that ?? I still have a sunflower that Evelyn painted at a “Jill’s Ceramics” birthday party years ago. I’m so happy to know it’s still there and operating! I don’t remember the parrot or llama….

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