least favorite parts of my first mother’s day as a mom

wilted tulips

Pumping milk at 6:13 AM to address an uncomfortable engorgement situation.

The carbon monoxide alarm in our attached apartment going off at 6:42 AM despite the fact that we changed the batteries yesterday. Copious Googling and hand-wringing ensue in lieu of calling the fire department. (When we called them last year for this reason, approximately 14 ladders showed up and no carbon monoxide was detected).

Accidentally tripping our house security alarm in the process of going out to investigate the carbon monoxide alarm. Lurching simultaneously in three directions: 1. to turn off alarm, 2. to answer phone when alarm company calls to see if everything is okay and 3. checking baby video monitor to see if all this has woken up the baby (only briefly!)

Discovering that the eggs are past their expiration date and there is no more milk, both of which are necessary for the pancakes The Hubs so kindly promised. (He still made them but had to run out to the store first.)

The lovely tulips The Hubs picked up while getting pancake ingredients starting to wilt as soon as they are placed in the vase. (See above.)

While child is napping, getting embroiled in a confusing conversation about parenting philosophies, covering far too many topics, issues and new-parent anxieties from several thousand angles.

Very optimistically getting a babysitter in order to drive to Brooklyn in order to 1. Catch the last day of our friend Henry Chung’s art exhibition and 2. Visit The Clay Pot, the shop where The Hubs got the engagement and wedding ring five-ish years ago…this time in order to pick out something nice to commemorate inaugural Mother’s Day.  Traffic is so bad that we have to abandon that ambitious plan and turn back toward home.

Visiting a local jewelry shop instead, but coming out empty handed. (Yes, I know, tragic: please bust out the world’s tiniest violin.)

Pulling off the road to take a look at the work of a local potter: while checking out the pottery, a medium-sized dog jumping in our car’s front window and rubbing his underparts against the straw of my formerly refreshing iced tea.

Deciding that a pedicure is the only way to turn this day around and discovering by driving around in several circles that all of the nail salons in the area are closed on Sundays.

Trying to quickly write this blog in the 24 minutes before the babysitter is due to leave and somehow erasing it then trying to frantically re-create if from memory. (If only I were kidding and just adding this one for effect…)

Okay, so my first Mother’s Day as a mom was kind of a comedy of errors, a series of fails and minor disappointments. Obviously, none of it was that bad and I have to admit that it ended on a good note:


Despite all of the above, I am feeling like a very lucky woman. Hope you had a great or even a mediocre Mother’s Day, or at least got a few chuckles about the ways it let you down?

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  1. seriously, this could be the beginnings of a screenplay…as “the Hubs”, I can attest to the madcap oddness of the day, but as there are still a few hours left…Happy Mother’s Day, your two guys love you!!!

    • Thank you Margaret – it is surprisingly challenging to get a snapshot of the three of us together – another great part about having a babysitter today 🙂

  2. The picture of the three of you together speaks so loudly of Mother’s Day, I can hardly see what is written to the contrary. You three rock. Happy Mother’s Day Jocelyn. You describe the ups and downs perfectly 🙂

    • Thanks Jill – yeah the dog kinda killed me. It was so funny to come back to the car and see a dog in there. Needless to say, I treated myself to a new iced tea. 🙂

  3. Our pastor spoke about the importance of having humor in motherhood. It’s what helps you ride the craziness of days like today. Congrats on being up to the challenge… with a smile.

  4. Sounds like you have passed the initiation! I decided to end my very quiet and relaxing day of book reading that I would bake a cake. Only to discover that my son definitely has a disturbing chocolate addiction and ate all of the frosting in the container!
    Great pic! Happy First Mother’s Day! xo

    • ha ha! In the words of the great Homer Simpson – DOH! Oh well, where chocolate cake is concerned: tomorrow is a new day! And there’s more icing at the store 🙂

      Thanks Dara

  5. cute pic! cute family! happy mother’s day to you, even if you’re tired and have ugly fingernails 😀

    • Thanks, at least it gave us a good laugh – as the mistakes and misfires piled on Rob and I were cracking up – when we came home to see those tulips all fainted like that, I said, that’s it – I’m gonna have to write a blog post – and you know what? THAT is a fun way to spend a little part of my mother’s day 🙂

    • Thanks Leslie 🙂

      Nope, I even tried the penny trick but they have given up the ghost 🙂 Still have them on our dining room table bc they crack me up!

  6. Mine was a doozy too, fill you in later:-0 Currently upstate as THAT should give you a clue. Annabel made me a necklace and I have been wearing it for a week. I am loving your family picture, a keeper!! Miss you girl. Be by soon.

    • Oh, wow! A homemade necklace, can’t wait to see it 🙂

      Thanks for all your mommy advice in these last few months! I look fwd to hearing your mother’s day tale…

    • Yeah, I have got to believe there is a better design for these things – such a Process! I may miss the breastfeeding but I don’t think I’ll miss this…(in fact, I need to hook it up right now in order to leave milk while I go to work…but I am procrastinating…)

      • I pumped for two years (one year per kid) and thankfully you won’t have to pump much past nine months (if you decide to go that long). Not much to pump by then!

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