diy baby clothesline: the hoarding starts now

pile of baby clothes

There are many things I am uncertain about in this parenting venture but there is one thing I know for sure: I will never ever be able to get rid of these tiny newborn suits! In fact, though it is logical, normal and the correct course of events, I am nothing short of stunned that Ian (now 5 months) has already outgrown them.

A local friend sent me a link to her soon-to-be sister-in-law’s sewing website, Cabin Creek Stitchery, wherein she provides a step-by-step process for making T-shirt quilts – I love this idea – surely a pint-sized quilt could be made from these extra small duds?

In the meantime, I decided to rig up a quick way to display them in his nursery on a clothesline so that I can enjoy them just a bit longer. This project didn’t take long. It was storming outside, so it was a perfect day to attempt it during naptime…

stormy outside

I gathered some clothespins, clothesline, and some adhesive hooks:

clothespins clothesline

Then I simply strung them on the line and hung them up on the wall. (FYI, the adhesive hooks worked a lot better in theory than in practice – once the clothesline had the suits on it, it was too heavy, so I had to use screws –  sorry, once again, Wall!)

Here’s how it turned out:

baby clothesline

Once he got up from his nap, the project manager seem to approve:

Ian 5 monthsHey, I recognize those from somewhere…

I am frankly undecided on the final result – it darkens his room a bit – and I’m not sure if it looks cute or ragtag. I’ll keep it up for a while longer and then we’ll see. If I decide to scrap this, and I don’t ever get the wherewithall to make a quilt, I have a few other ideas… I figure the only way to satisfy my sentimental side without becoming a full-out hoarder is to somehow re-purpose these clothes. So maybe I could make:

  • a poncho?
  • a parachute?
  • a tent?
  • a table cloth?
  • how about an nice colorful awning?

Point being, I am trying to soak in every bit of this experience. Literally everyone in my life and everyone I meet randomly on the street tells me that this phase “goes so fast!” and I already see what they’re saying. I suppose, instead of hoarding or even going to great lengths to re-purpose these items, I could simply look back at the several THOUSAND photos we have taken…

How about you? Has sentimentality got you doing crazy things?

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  1. Clever concoction! Will have to share with my soon-to-be-mommy friends. BTW, such a lovely stormy day. So green!! 🙂

  2. I am neither a hoarder, nor overly sentimental….but I will never part with my kids first shoes. I like that time of development, when they are first out on their own exploring their universe…and the adorable waddling is etched into my brain. As for the clothes…it gave my mother such pleasure to dress my daughter in some of my baby clothes from the late 60s (and I got a kick out of it too). So, hoard away because….wait for it….. “it goes really fast”!

    • The shoes, the shoes! Yes, I’ll probably have to hoard those too. Though I know it’s only around the corner, I can’t imagine that he is going to be able to walk/waddle soon.

      That’s so cute that your daughter got to wear some of your clothes…wonderful! 🙂

  3. I cannot bring myself to consign C’s teensy clothes either. I know I’ll have to get rid of some of them eventually, but it just breaks my heart. Maybe I’ll just have to make another kid to put them on 😉

  4. I think hanging them clothes line style is very sweet. Making them into a quilt is a great idea too. Someone did that with my husbands little sleepers and my mother-in-law gave it to us when our son was born. It’s very dear to me and we used it a ton.

  5. How cute is he?! I love all his teeny little onesie’s strung up. It works, at least for now. I think a quilt would be a perfect way to re-purpose them. It’ll be something he can use and still be able to marvel at how small he once was.

  6. Love the display:-)) I think it looks fun. And colorful. The quilt is a great idea since you can also use the 9-12 month clothes coming up and use many onsies in the process. Do you own a sewing machine? If so I am VERY impressed. As this subject sits along the apron line where I am concerned. Clearly I have issues, lol. Option 2?, it can be a summer quilt, light and simple. Beach blanket?

    I have saved my favorites so that Annabel may enjoy them when she’s grown.

  7. Dont worry Jocelyn, you’re not alone. I am a total sentimental hoarder in so many ways. I cant even delete photos from my phone, its got over 7000 on it. I know they are backed up but you know still kind of hard to delete early pictures of the kids… And just wait til he starts drawing pictures…

    • oh, thanks for reminding me – I should back up all these phone photos! Yeah, when he becomes a little artiste, I will probably have to get a local storage locker (warehouse?) to display what doesn’t fit on our walls! 🙂

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