breastfeeding while waiting at the Mavis Discount Tire

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So it’s National Breastfeeding Month. I have been celebrating by…well, breastfeeding. And pumping. Breastfeeding some more. Then pumping again.

My goal was to make it to six months. I am now at 7.5 and plan to keep going until we hit the one year mark. I am an advocate for nursing and believe women should be able to do so whenever and wherever they please, BUT I am somewhat bashful about it myself. For the most part, I have been able to keep the activity to the confines of our home, or our car.

Of course, not every day lines up exactly how you want. Like, you might come out to your driveway one morning to discover that you have a flat tire. You might have to call AAA to throw on the spare and then you may have to head over to Mavis Discount Tire with your six month-old to pick up a new set.


The one hour predicted wait-time may gradually turn into two hours and there you are: you need to get your kid back home because the babysitter will be there soon, you need to rush to work, and your kid? He needs to eat. This means you have no choice but to “bust” out the breastfeeding apron, pull down your shirt, and get your latch on.

Well, this is how one of my days played out last month. While I perched on the quaint bench provided by the kind people at this tire franchise, I began to wonder the following things:

  • What’s with the abandoned sneakers? Did someone spend the night here? Or did an athlete have an epiphany and suddenly decide to become a barefoot runner?


  • Exactly how harmful are the exhaust fumes coming from the cars on the nearby road? (And is it just my imagination or are some of the vehicles slowing down to catch a peek?)


  • Maybe I should be more concerned about the overpowering scent of highly-processed rubber wafting from the bowels of this supposedly cost-effective establishment?


  • Did the cashier really need to walk up the sidewalk and hover over us so that I could sign the paperwork right then or could that have waited until I settled up at the end?
  • How effective are these breastfeeding aprons from a privacy standpoint if my son has decided it is far more fun to swat, pull, and kick at the fabric than to peacefully feed underneath it?
  • And, finally, is the friendly gentleman sitting on a nearby bench hard of hearing or is he just ignoring the fact that his car is ready? SIR, I THINK YOUR CAR IS READY.


New set of wheels, a full stomach and a little commiseration from Charlie Brown:


What’s the weirdest/most-awkward place you have breast-fed or pumped?

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  1. I’ve pumped in the washroom of a bus when I went from Quebec to New York a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn’t normally pump in a washroom (and would never nurse in one) but was pumping and dumping anyways so it didn’t really matter.
    As for nursing, I guess the ‘weirdest’ place was on a park bench right outside the Montreal Biodome. I can’t nurse with a cover because my son squirms so much under one that it just attracts even more attention than not using one.

  2. First let’s here a big yahoo for those awesome breastfeeding shirts that come in so very handy and cover a lot. I always wanted to use a fancy cover but in the end it always seemed more trouble than it was worth. I specifically remember being at blue barn one afternoon with my husband and feeding in a private space near the ladies room and upon returning I announced, “well, Annabel can now just sit on by lap and feed…We have entered a new era. And, so it began. And, congrats on the long time breastfeeding. That’s really cool.

    • Thanks! Yes, the shirts are good (and specifically the ones you gave me, ha!) Yeah, it’s funny how there are different eras to this process – from the freak out, the boppy pillow, the many other pillows all around for propping…to freestyling… πŸ™‚

  3. I nurse anywhere and everywhere! I never use a cover either but i always pull my shirt up and wear a nursing tank and no one even notices πŸ™‚ I think my oddest place was on the lifting benches at dick’s sporting goods store! At first my goal was a year but now in thinking it might be 2 πŸ™‚

    • Yup, three cheers for convenience and low cost! πŸ™‚ Yeah, I pondered those sneaks for a long time…we’ll really never know why they are there (and why they aren’t now – I’ve looked when passing on the way to the pool…)

  4. Congratulations on making and exceeding your goal! Since on my 4th, I’ve nursed everywhere, but I think Raymond James stadium during a football game is my oddest. I’ve done it with two infants and they needed their own tickets!

  5. I’ve breastfeed my 14 month old everywhere, Times Square, on the train, in Central Park, museums, restaurants you name it. What I am not comfortable doing is pumping in such public places 3 times a day. Breastfeeding can be done discreetly pumping always seems to require getting half naked. A location designed primarily for pumping would be a welcome addition to the promotion of breastfeeding.

    • Agree!! The pumping is so clunky – I have done it with the cover-up in a parking lot but it was AWKWARD. I’ve heard of people doing while driving but surely that’s as distracting as texting! Thanks for visiting πŸ™‚

  6. I recently found out that I’m pregnant again, probably about 8-9 weeks along. My first born is only 5.5 months old. I want to continue exclusively breastfeeding him up to the one year mark but I’ve been reading up on it and everything says he may self-wean before then and that my milk will turn into colostrum when I’m 4-5 months along. I detest formula with every fiber of my being, so that’s not even an option. Has anyone else dealt with pregnancies this close together and still been able to EBF the whole time? Did you have to wean to animal milk or formula?

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