boon, swoon


What did The Hubs and I know about baby products before I got pregnant? Of course, absolutely nothing. Zip. Maybe even a little less than zilch. Like most new parents, we’re figuring all of this out on the fly. Gradually, we have amassed a collection of goods for our little guy, both necessary and not-so-necessary, and we’ve started to figure out what we prefer as far as function and style. One brand that has checked off many boxes for us is boon. Their products are modern, simple and functional.

For example, we are loving the Flair Pedestal High Chair with Pneumatic Lift, pictured above. Not only does it roll smoothly from place to place in our house, it cleans up well.

Ian in boon Flair

It’s easy to get Ian (now 8 months) in and out of this commander chair and he must be comfortable in it because he’ll sit in it long after he’s finished eating his banana, avocado, or squash: he’ll sit there gnawing on a cracker or pouring water from the sippy cup all over himself for a good 15 minutes. From this seat he’ll also watch me perform the ever-captivating Unload the Dishwasher show. Now I’m putting this blue dish in the cupboard…

When I put the boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack on our baby registry I assumed I was being silly. When bought the Twig Accessory I figured I was being waaay too whimsical. Note curious pig in photo below:

boon grass countertop drying rack

But these have turned out to be some of the most useful products in our cache. This little lawn keeps Ian’s bottles, pacifiers and now sippy cups organized and away from our other dishes. The twig holds all kinds of bottle and pump paraphernalia.

Finally, this boon GLO night light has been shedding the perfect amount of light on Ian’s nursery for the last few months:

boon GLO night light

I first saw this on Pinterest and became enchanted – it definitely seems like something the Jetson’s would have had. Though this can “glo” through the whole rainbow on repeat, we keep it orange-ish red. This creates the perfect amount of light for so-called “dream feeds”: enough light for mommy to see what’s going on but it’s not so bright that baby fully wakes up. Get this: the illuminated balls are removable, and stay lit for 30 minutes, a feature we haven’t used yet, but if all goes as planned, we will enjoy this quite a bit in the future.


Have you swooned over any of the boon products?

For another modern baby brand we have enjoyed, you can see my post about babyletto furniture here.

(BTW, boon did not compensate me in any way for writing this post – I just like the goods.)

16 replies

    • It’s great to find stuff that is fun and works well. The weird thing is how briefly the kids use a lot of this stuff! He is already tired of his little jumpy exersaucer thing and I feel like we just brought that into the fold!

      • I know, they grow out of toys and other equipment so quickly! Mine started hating his exersaucer when he started crawling. Oh well, at least I’ll be able to use the stuff with baby #2 (whenever that is going to happen) as it’s all still in excellent condition.

  1. Great stuff! That grass drying rack is really starting to “grow” on me. I don’t have kids but I have a husband which is the same thing sometimes. I could use one of those!!! And that light… when I first saw it I thought of Dr. Seuss. It’s crazy fun. You’re such a hip mommy. And by the way… Ian is quite possibly the cutest kid I’ve ever seen. I think he needs a sister! πŸ™‚

    • Woah, easy killer! We are just taking one day, one hour, one minute, one kid at a time πŸ™‚

      Yes, I definitely think they should make an adult version of the grass drying rack for plates and glasses – maybe it could be more like a meadow, with taller grass and more acreage…

      You’re right – the light does seem kind of like a plant or a tree in a Seuss book!

      I’m just glad there are some kid designs out there that are really stylin’ and somewhat modern.

  2. uh, i can’t believe ian is already 8 months!!!!! he’s practically off to college. time is flying. he’s so adorb. plus that highchair is rockin’!!!!

  3. We love Boon! Our favorite was the Boon Frog for the bath. I am currently contemplating the Boon bean bag. It is a ‘retirement home’ for their beloved stuffedwithfluff friends, plus a posh place to ‘park it’ …

  4. Leave it to you to find the most stylish baby stuff ever! I especially love the potential toy power of the nightlight. So cool!

    Also, he’s still ridiculously cute. And getting CUTER! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Suzanne! I know, it’s going to be fun to see him carrying those little glowing circles around πŸ™‚

      It has been fun to find cute baby stuff – I will admit that it has taken a lot of self restraint to not gobble up every bit of mushroom kid gear out there (ie the lights you linked me to a while back) πŸ™‚

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