this week’s top 8 food and beverage pairings

coffee and avocado

1. Bagel and Coffee

2. Muffin and Coffee

3.  Peanuts and Coffee

4. Figs and Coffee

5. Avocado and Coffee

6. Cheddar Cheese, Grapes, and Coffee

7. Potato Chips and Coffee

8. Chips, Salsa, and…Coffee

*Not sure if you’ve noticed a pattern here: coffee is a perfect pairing with all foods. This is more a matter of survival than sophisticated flavor profiling.

** Because I am currently breastfeeding I am trying to limit myself to one cup of coffee per day. BUT I drink it in about four installments by filling my small Marimekko Hetkia cup (pictured above) only about 1/4 of the way each time.

*** Yesterday was apparently National Coffee Day. I missed it, but if I’d known I’d definitely would have have paired some coffee with a slice of pumpkin bread. Oh wait, I did do that.

Have you had your coffee allotment yet today?

18 replies

    • Coffee plus coffee…That’swhatI’mtalkinabout! Yes, I heard a very faint tsk tsk from the gnomes as I set up that photo shoot… I guess they’re more into tea 🙂

  1. I went off coffee for a month and a half this summer(wine too but now I am only bragging) I felt so relaxed and could hear the birds chirping every day. Need I say….I am back on the junk and love it.

  2. Everything goes good with coffee! I was running down your list and I think I’ve has all these combos. I drink WAY too much coffee. If I had to guess… 4-6 cups a day. It’s brewing all day long at my job and it’s so easy to just grab a cup. Funny thing is they never have avocados to go with it. I’ll have to speak to the management about that!!! Your little gnomes make me happy. 🙂

    • How they could leave avocados out of the mix is certainly a mystery! 🙂

      Yeah, those little gnomes have never actually had salt n pepp in them but they do a good job of keeping on eye on everything around here….

  3. I wasn’t a coffee drinker until my middle child was 2.
    I vowed to my third child that, for his sake, I will always, always drink as much coffee as needed for him to have a pleasant mama 😉
    My addiction is for the love and life of the children so… it’s okay… right?!

    • oh ha ha! From where I sit, it is definitely okay! In fact, I consider coffee a critical coping mechanism (and healthy relative to a lot of other addictions….) 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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