10 topics for new parents to discuss on date night


Though it’s hard to get out of the house when you have an infant, it is extremely important that you go on a date with your spouse and communicate about things that matter. Here are some suggested topics of conversation:

1. Babyproofing and the inordinate number of unsolvable dangers in your home.

2. The physical and emotional complications of weaning.

3. The introduction of solid foods and the subtle science of palette control.

4. This week’s babysitting schedule.

5. The pain you still have in your hips from pregnancy/childbirth.

6. How much you love your child.

7. What educational toys you should purchase and the fine line between providing your child with every opportunity to learn… and spoiling the kid rotten.

8. Your child’s specific and insanely endearing quirks and proclivities.

9. How well-mannered and polite you hope your child will be as he grows up.

10. And finally, your parenting philosophies regarding television, skateboarding, sugar, horseback riding, etc. etc. etc.

If, after dessert, you have some time left on the clock with the babysitter, by all means, swing by the supermarket. Not only is this a romantic finale to your night out, it’s literally the only time you’ll have to re-stock your refrigerator and cupboards without the baby as a distraction.

Do you have an discussion suggestions?

12 replies

  1. And who ever said a kid will totally change your life? Ha Ha!
    This is so sweet and funny. I’m sure it felt good just to sit across from each other and chat about anything. I think it would be almost impossible NOT to talk about your sweet little guy. Ahhhh, LOVE!

    P.S. Of course he’ll be well-mannered and polite!!!!

    • Well, your confidence in his behavior does have a calming effect Stacey πŸ™‚

      YES, we love date night and eventually we do start talking about things other than Ian…like all the stuff we’d like to do to our house! πŸ™‚

  2. Well, the topics are endless. What ever you do don’t wait too long to schedule a date night or you’ll end up asking your hubby…who are you? Did you change jobs since we last spoke? If I do all the cooking will you do all the dishes and laundry? Did I see you yesterday? Despite all our differences in child rearing philosophies, I promise to love you forever if you let me do everything my way:-) Go, Date Night!! I love you Patrick till eternity and beyond.

  3. Ah I remember those early days of parenting. Just so you know, as a veteran mom, I’d like to clear up two things. First, the pain in your hip from the ordeal of childbirth NEVER goes away. And secondly, stop all discussions of being the perfect parents. Or, at the very least, write all your thoughts down now so you can laugh AT yourself in the coming years.

    • Arrgh…I am definitely not writing enough of this down!! You’ll be happy to know, however, that we are already laughing at ourselves. πŸ™‚

      Regarding the hip: I can’t accept that! 😦

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