falloween 2013

fall grasses

Some crazy things are going on at home tome headquarters this Falloween. For one thing, our decorative grass, above, has turned a pleasing shade of brown and sprouted fancy, fall-ish tufts.

Six friendly ghosts are calling our pergola home…

ghost lanterns



After several years of searching/hoping for/dreaming about weird white mutant pumpkins, we finally found some…and a bale of hay as bonus. All I have to say is that you know you have an awesome husband when he comes home one day with a bale of hay…

white pumpkins

In our travels, we stumbled upon a pumpkin patch with one very unique pumpkin.

The most delightful news is that we got a new garden gnome!


(In case you are wondering, he is an expert at taking off his hat and beard, but did not master this skill until after the photo was taken.)

While this photo shoot this was going on, our original gnome shed single tear across the yard…Was this pride? Jealousy? Maybe he just wanted a pumpkin of his own? Well, he got one.

gnome with pumpkin

Happy Falloween!

11 replies

  1. ha!ha! your new gnome is the cutest, I’m sure it was not easy taking a picture of him while him trying to remove his beard πŸ™‚
    Happy Falloween to you too πŸ™‚ (I’m so happy that tomorrow is Halloween) can’t wait!

  2. Adorable and clever as always. While I am from another generation, I love that I can share grandchildren pix with my friends children pix. Lots of fun. Everybody but my son has been sick in his family, so I hope they can dress up for Halloween, and we get some pictures. Ciao, Wendy

  3. TOO CUTE! I had to do a double take because Ian looks exactly like your yard gnome. Wasn’t sure which was real. HA HA! That kid is precious. And obviously a very good sport!

    I really love your pergola and the little display of hay and pumpkins. Very festive, Jocelyn. Makes me anxious for cool weather, leather boots, and scarves. I love fall! And you’re getting a pretty start. Happy Falloween!

    • Yup, I just busted out the boots, scarves and sweaters myself. Tonight I had some apple cider. All is right in the world. Unfortch, the trick or treating is slow this year (and I guess all years in our hood) – we’ve had 5 so far and it doesn’t look like we’ll get any more…I wonder if you get any tricksters at the Goode house?

      • I have a thing for boots. I wear them ’til they fall apart.

        NO, no trick or treaters at our house. We got this monster storm yesterday that brought down trees, flooded streets, and knocked out electricity all over town (me included). I was trapped at home and couldn’t get out until after lunch. It was CRAZY! So there were no trickers or treaters on the streets. Oh well, more candy for MEEEEE! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend.

  4. Aww…baby gnome…love the eyebrows. I love fall, but the very beginning of fall where things are just starting to turn the beautiful glow-y gold, but I hate the crunchy and lingering brown that comes afterwards. Maybe winter time is more fun where it snows.

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