the thing about curry

coconut curry

Curry dishes are delicious.

And healthy.

And they’re so easy to make. I made this one with onions, garlic, light coconut milk, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. It’s a basic chop and stir. And part of a health kick over here at the home tome.

But the thing about making curry in a mostly white house is that it leaves neon yellow stains on your white sink, counter, walls…(refrigerator…cabinets…ceiling) if you don’t clean it up instantly. And by instantly, I really mean that it’s best this spice doesn’t touch these surfaces in the first place.

curry stain on sink

The question is: what is it doing to our teeth?

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6 replies

  1. We are on a health kick here in Pleasantville, too!
    Cutting back on breads and meat and any junk food.. The kids are not participating that eagerly !! In regards to curry, I love it but agree about the staining and oh lord the smell lingers forever ha!

  2. I just ate a curry chicken salad for dinner! Being West Indian and a lover of Indian food I love all things curry! Just crack open a window when cooking and use a bleach cleanser for the sink such as Ajax or Comet. Wash hands with soapy water. Done.

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