exclusive preview of the baby scrapbook I’ll never get around to

scrapbookThis is the scrapbook I bought more than a year ago when our son was still napping twice a day and pretty much immobile. (He is now 17 months old, napping once a day, and aspiring to move at the speed of light.) This book represents my high hopes for documentation and a desire to express myself through hard-core collage-ing. After all, the work I did on our honeymoon and wedding scrapbooks could surely qualify as an extreme sport.

Here is the super-fun paper (180 sheets of fun, to be exact) that I knew would inspire all kinds of creativity:

scrapbook paper

How great are these stickers?:

scrapbook stickers

This bag is overflowing with items to cherish and display with an artistic flair all my own:

20140529_125954For example, I was careful to save the tiny bracelet that was around our son’s wrist in the hospital, lyrics to the wonderful song my step-mother composed and recorded for him, congratulatory cards, the breastfeeding log I kept for several months, his first boarding pass, a tuft of hair from the first haircut we gave him, etc etc.

And, finally, here are the photos I planned to include:


There are only about 2.7 million photos to go through from his first year. I just need to edit that number down to what, maybe 100 photos? 150?

Some of the things I have learned from motherhood is that you have to go easy on yourself and be realistic about what you can handle. Alas, this is why I’ve accepted I will never have time to complete (or even start) this project.

Instead, I suppose a blog post will have to suffice!

How about you? Have you been able to keep a scrapbook of your child and if so, did you have to pull all-nighters in order to complete it?

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  1. Haha! I was full of good intentions too. I had been scrapbooking for years prior baby and figured I’d do the same for my son. Enter: super cute scrapbook, papers, stickers, etc., etc., etc.

    A couple of weeks ago I realized that it just was never going to happen. I decided to place some keepsakes (some cards, the hospital bracelet…) in a box and I’m ok with that.

  2. Don’t feel too badly. I finished my 3 kids’ first year scrapbooks when they were 8 and 5 respectively. The easier thing to do is download the pics and make a photo book on shutterfly. They have a lot of fun patterns and colors to make it unique. The twins will be 12 in September and their “10 years of being a Dorsey” photo book is still half made somewhere on shutterfly! Oh well!

    • Ahhh, well if YOU (awesome mama) were also behind the 8-ball on this then I DEFINITELY don’t feel so bad! Yes, that’s a good idea re shutterfly (but then what about my fun papers and stickers?? All in due time I suppose, all in due time….)

  3. The ubiquitous box. We were given a special box from my mother in law decorated so sweetly for a special occasion and I use it now for some of Annabel’s baby things. O’ the things you let go when you are a mommy. I still have hopes of getting hers done one day.

  4. oh man! I don’t even have kids and I’m behind. I scrapbooked the first year adventures of dating my boyfriend (now fiance)… I’m 5 years behind! The box for all of the special things is completely overflowing! I hope I can eek out first year baby books when the time comes, then maybe just a page for each school picture after that 🙂

    • Look, you really gotta carve out some serious time for these kinds of commemorative books – The main thing I’ve learned from this post is that we all just need to stop beating ourselves up!

      Congrats and thanks for reading Pamela, all my best!!! 🙂

  5. At least you’ve set realistic goals for yourself, and aren’t sweatin’ the small stuff. Setting aside all those precious artifacts from his infancy will be just as meaningful to him even if they aren’t collected in a fancy and creative scrapbook. Also, you mentioned the 1.2 million pictures you had of him. I wonder if it was easier on our mothers to choose what pictures to include in our baby albums since they only had a few hundred to choose from. Ah, yes the digital age…

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