thoughts while scraping gum off the bottom of my son’s tiny shoe

gum shoeThis is the most tedious micro-management project yet. Except less  management and more tedium.

But I must [scrape] get rid [scrape] of this glob [scrape with disgust from another angle] so he doesn’t spread someone else’s mouth germs all around our house. 

Then again, this gum does smell refreshingly minty and it appears to have conveniently picked up a good amount of dust, granola and stray hairs that I missed when I swept today last week whenever that was.   

Maybe this could be a new cleaning trend. Come to think of it, Magic Gum Shoes just might be my million dollar idea…”Clean your house without lifting a finger.”

Should I throw away this butter knife when I’m done? 

Where did he step on this gum, anyway?

And I’d like to know who has the nerve to just spit out their gum willy-nilly when they’re done chewing it. How exactly does that work? Is it an open-the-mouth-and-let-gravity-take-over kind of thing i.e. just letting it fall or does it require a more dramatic pah-tooey spitting action? Or did he/she call in the help of a hand to transport the unwanted gum from point A (the mouth) to point B (the ground)? Because I definitely AM holier-than-thou and I just can’t picture how that goes.

Whatever the case, the perpetrator should, no doubt, be tarred gummed and feathered.

Have you taken on (or been forced to take on) any good scraping projects lately?

3 replies

  1. Ick, Yuck. Been there done that, throw that knife in the dishwasher and prepare for next time:-))

  2. People who spit out their gum on the ground should be shot! Okay, maybe that’s a little drastic. Is it?

    Whenever you first encounter dog poo on your child’s shoe, however, you will probably become nostalgic for the gum 🙂

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