exclamations in celebration of my 200th post!



(Apologies in advance to exclamation point haters – I know you’re out there! Please make an exception just this once, for I can find no other punctuation to adequately express my excited state!)

Zoiks! 200 posts: That’s a lot of navel gazing, over-sharing, and doling out of pretend advice. Some contend that “everything’s already been written” and I agree with this to an extent – especially when you consider cave drawings,  ancient scrolls, essays, books, newspapers, on up to present day blogs and tweets, etc. Sure, it all may have been said, but I still enjoy trying to put my own spin on it and reading the attempts of others as well.

Hooray! In the last three-ish years, I sometimes posted twice a week or more… and sometimes once a month or less. Basically, I have been inconsistently consistent or consistently inconsistent, whichever way you look at it. In that time, a lot of Life has happened, much of it wonderful, some of it sad, and a lot of it documented here. One of the weirdest and coolest things about having a blog (and being a writer in general) is constantly wondering – how would I write about this situation?

Basically, I think with my fingertips. Perhaps a lot of writers do. I process events – big and small – by writing about them. Even though writing, like any creative pursuit, can be occasionally frustrating, I feel lucky that I have this outlet. Fun things have happened since I started the home tome: I have been “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress three times, (to see those fascinating posts, click here, here, here); I wrote and published a humor book about the hazards of homeownership, and I have had several articles published around interwebs.

Thank You! Merci! Grazie! Danke! This makes it sound as if I have a multi-lingual, international, jetsetting following, which may or may not be the case. I do know I have many loyal readers near and far. THANK YOU for taking the time to check in and contributing to this dialogue. I have certainly appreciated your comments, many of which have given me a good chuckle. It is my goal to try to see the lighter side of this often difficult/ sometimes mundane/ and slightly terrifying journey – this venue has helped me to remember to laugh. And laughter is best shared. Having written in many different formats and types of venues, I have to say that blogging is EXTREMELY gratifying – the immediacy of the audience, and the opportunity to connect with readers and other writers so directly is straight-up amazing.

I’d also like to thank my husband Rob for not only being a sounding board but also a source of creative and humorous inspiration. I really appreciate his acceptance and encouragement to spill the so-called beans on our home life.

Finally, I’d like like to thank the mushrooms, yes the mushrooms. Since my first post, they have been standing tall on my header above. They have unexpectedly popped up on our lawn and elsewhere in my path. They keep reminding me that magic is always just around the corner.

Here we go! Though this started as a home and lifestyle blog (i.e. my “housey” blog), it has gradually become more mommy-centric. I am letting my circumstances lead me and trying to be open to changes (isn’t this the definition of parenthood?) For example, I made some design modifications i.e. a new spiffy “theme”- do you approve?

In other news, I just started TWEETING, despite five years of resistance. I am surprised to say that I am having fun with it. If you’d like to follow me, you can do so here, or click over in the new twitter part of my sidebar —–>. (Instagram, etc etc, etc may be next, but one social media step at a time…)

Seriously, thanks. Exclamation Point.

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  1. Congratulations, Joc, on your 200th Post! I look forward to reading your Posts and always find something to make me smile (or cry)! I am a big fan of exclamation points, so thanks!!!!!

  2. Awesome! (I do love the use of exclamation marks!!)
    And I see your posting as “consistently inconsistent.” 😉

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