kitchen weather patterns: feeding a toddler


I recently learned that putting a pile of Parmesan on a toddler’s tray then turning your back even briefly to wash a dish, wipe the counter, or open a piece of mail is basically asking for blizzard-like conditions in your kitchen.

In fact, it turns out the weather can change at the drop of a…plate.

For example, if you give a small child a cup of water without a lid, prepare for a Tsunami.

Bowl of soup? Flood.

Granola with milk plus high winds created by flailing arms: Hurricane.

A ramekin of coconut? Flurries.

Bowl of steamed broccoli spun round and round with tip of index finger? Tornado with trees flying.

Of course, spaghetti with red sauce will result in a (un)natural disaster too horrible to name.


How’s the weather in your kitchen? Is it, I dare ask, ever sunny? And if so, I can only imagine that has something to do with splattered eggs…

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8 replies

  1. LOL! Well, there is definite debris left from something, here at my house! Could be a tornado, I suppose…one that carries crackers….

  2. So funny Joc! Margie n I laughed and laughed. We don’t know how you come up with these humorous postings. I guess Ian is a big help. Love to all of you from Door County.

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